Meherwan Centre

"It is only divine love that ever matters, and nothing more, ever."

Meherwan Rinpoche

Meherwan Centre
2663 Clackmannan
Edinborough SW15

Meherwan Centre is a gathering place for men and women who are seeking something more meaningful than everyday life and more lasting than temporary pleasures.

Located in the heart of old Edinborough, Meherwan Centre includes a cafe, meditation hall, wholistic health clinic and dispensary, a lending library, spiritual bookstore, and a natural foods co-operative. Students of Meherwan Rinpoche's teachings give regular workshops. Two open meditations are held every day. And together with the Farshogar Sufi Order, the Centre operates a small shelter for homeless men and women, providing free meals, medical care and a little spending money.

Meherwan Centre was founded in 1993 by Broad Buddhist scholar Retlaw Tsoy. The Centre sponsors four two-week retreats each year at the time of the equinoxes and solstices, and a month long free summer session in the country. All activities at the Centre are free of charge; contributions are not requested.

Meherwan Centre is named after and dedicated to Meherwan Rinpoche (1894-1969), a spiritual Master from India. The direct disciple of Hazrat Babajan of Pune and Upasani Baba Maharaj of Sakori, Meherwan Rinpoche traveled all over the world to share his spiritual attainment with as many people as possible. He is widely remembered for his very loving nature.

Meherwan Rinpoche was the author of "God Speaks," "Discourses," "Life at its Best," "Beams on the Spiritual Panorama," and "The Everything and the Nothing." His most important book, which he wrote out by hand in the 1920's, has not yet been published.

Though he led a very active life, Meherwan Rinpoche observed silence for almost 43 years. He is perhaps most widely known as Meher Baba, which means loving father or loving friend.

Since Meherwan Rinpoche's physical death in January 1969, many people have seen him in dreams and visions. He is believed to be of such an advanced spiritual state that life and death do not affect his consciousness in the least. His awareness, it is said, is so broad as to include the individual awarenesses of every being in the creation.

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