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Meherwan Rinpoche wrote a book out by hand in the mid-1920's. He said the book (which has not yet been published) contained spiritual secrets that had never been revealed by any previous Spiritual Master. The following 1920's discourse may be an indication of the kind of material that book contains. It is not easy reading. You will have to give it your full attention and some thought as well. If you are not already familiar with Rinpoche's cosmology, you may need a little background.

Meherwan Rinpoche explained that there are 18,000 planets with human life. There are many more planets with lower forms of life. Of the 18,000 planets with human beings, seven are nearest to the Om point, the point out of which creation proceeds, and back through which we have to travel to attain God-realisation. Each of us came out of the Om point long, long ago, and we each have to return through that point to become one with God or Truth.

Of the seven planets near the Om point, three are closest, and these three planets, while separate, are especially linked. Meherwan Rinpoche called these three planets, together, the Seventh World. He identified the three planets as the A, B and C parts of the Seventh World. What we call Earth is the A part. There are two other planets, B and C, closely connected to Earth, which he did not name. While each planet exists separately, they are all part of the Seventh World. In the discourse that follows, Meherwan Rinpoche referred to all three planets as making up one Earth. So apparently what we call Earth is only a part of the Seventh World.

Where are the B and C planets? Are they in our solar system? If Meherwan Rinpoche answered these questions, I don't know where the answers can be found. Perhaps it is in the unpublished book.

Meherwan Rinpoche did say that of these three planets, the A part (Earth) is closed to the Om Point. On Earth, there is the possibility for head and heart to be equally developed. Rinpoche said head and heart -- intellect and feeling -- must be balanced for spiritual attainment. This balance, he explained, can only be attained on Earth. The B planet has roughly 75% head and 25% heart. The C planet has about 100% head and 0% heart. He said Human beings on the C planet are much more intelligent than those on Earth. Humans on the B planet are more intelligent too, but not as intelligent as those on C. To take the spiritual path and realise God, souls from the B and C planets must incarnate on Earth. In fact, souls from all over the universe, after attaining human form, gradually gravitate toward Earth, because Earth (the A planet) is the only planet on which it is possible to attain the 50-50 balance of head and heart. or inteelect and feeling (love). Every soul must eventually incarnate on Earth to enter the spiritual path and realise God. And Earth is the only planet on which the Sadgurus (Perfect Masters) and the Avatar incarnate.

We all know a little about planets, stars and moons. Planets circle stars, and moons circle planets. But we have not previously been told about Light Globes. Light Globes, Rinpoche explained, are the creators or generators of the stars, planets and moons. A Light Globe creates or projects a planet, and the planet projects a Sun. This is rather different from contemporary astronomical theory. Rinpoche also said that the moons are old, cooled down planets. Every moon, he said, was once a planet. He said that our Moon was previously a planet very much like Earth, and that very long ago the Moon had human, animal and plant life. And that our Earth would one day become a moon.

The Light Globes are smaller than the planets they generate, and the planets are smaller than their suns. To see the Light Globes, one must have Subtle consciousness -- in other words, one must have consciously entered the spiritual path. Thatmay be why we don't hear about the Light Globes from astronomers... yet.

With this background, I hope the following short discourse will be a little more intelligible. It was accompanied by several diagrams. Due to technical limitations, I can't reproduce the diagrams here, so you will just have to imagine them -- along with the Light Globes.

Retlaw Tsoy

Meherwan Rinpoche

Let us first consider the Light Globes, with millions of Light-points in each. The Light Globes are innumerable, and their existence is not a matter for idle speculation. Some of them are actually seen by one who, entering upon the Path, reaches the first cosmic plane.

What scientists, with their powerful telescopes worth thousands of dollars, are unable to see, the spiritual aspirant, though advanced only as far as the first plane, beholds with his spiritual sight, without the help of any earthly instrument.

Be it noted that it is in these Light Globes that the aspirant witnesses the real Swaroop, or divine form, of living Perfect Masters in their true glory. Though these Light Globes are but shadows of the real Light (God), still they are so very ineffably enchanting, brilliant and beautiful, that those aspirants -- very few in number -- who succeed in advancing a little along the Path by self-help, without the guidance of a Sadguru or Perfect Master, remain fixed or stuck there and then, entranced with joy and wonder. Hence their progress comes to a full stop.

Each of these Light Globes (shadows) again have their own shadows. And what are these shadows of the shadows? They are the various worlds, including this Gross world. Some of the other worlds we see at night in the shape of twinkling specks (stars) in the sky.

The stars and planets, Suns and worlds, which are the shadows of shadows, though seen from a tremendous distance, appear so bright and dazzling. Then just imagine -- can you? -- the brilliancy and splendor of the real Light (God).

...The one Creator has numberless shadows, which we termed Light Globes. Each of these Light Globes has a shadow of its own, which is nothing but a Gross world.

It stands to reason that each Gross world throws its reflection in space, and that each reflection, catching the light from the Light Globes, throws it back on its parent.

In other words, the reflection itself of every Gross world is its Sun. This may seem queer, but the following diagram will clarify the fact:


A lighted lamp casts a shadow, but does not illumine it, unless and until a mirror is properly put in front of it. The mirror, if it is in the correct position, will reflect the light of the lamp on the latter's shadow. It follows then, that as a Gross world is but the shadow of a Light Globe, the light of that Light Globe does not fall upon it directly, but is reflected upon it through the mirror of its (the world's) reflection in space. And it goes without saying that just as the shadow of a lighted lamp is bigger than its own body, so every Gross world is bigger than that Light Globe whose shadow it is, and smaller than its own image or Sun.

Because there are numberless Light Globes, there are numberless worlds, numberless Suns, and also numberless Moons, for what is a Moon but a cooled-down world reflecting the sunlight?

There is an exception to the rule that every Light Globe has but one shadow. While considering the chief worlds... we noted the peculiarity about the seventh world, that it has three parts, each a world in itself, but linked with the others. Another noteworthy peculiarity of it is that all the three Earths of it are the shadows of only one Light Globe, and not of three different Light Globes. Still another equally noteworthy peculiarity of it is that it has, in all, seven Suns.


It will be argued that, according to what has been said above, that one world has only one image, or Sun, the seventh world should have at most three Suns. But the following diagram will show that this conclusion is not so logical as it seems, and that the seventh world, or rather the three parts of the seventh world have -- and should have -- seven Suns in all, and not merely three.


The Light Globe throws its light on the Suns (one whole of each) of the A, B, and C parts of the seventh world, in equal proportions, as the above diagram shows. And the three Earths, which make up the seventh world, and which, before receiving the light from their own images, the Suns, were dark, after receiving the light became illuminated as the Suns themselves, and, though not so bright as the Suns, became capable of throwing light on all the images within their ranges.

It is therefore clear that the B part of the seventh world has not one Sun but two Suns -- one receiving light from the Light Globe, and the other from the A world, or rather the A part of the seventh world. And that the C part of the seventh world has four Suns, for the whole comprising the four receives light from three different sources: one from the Light globe, one from the A part, and two lights from the B part. But, needless to say, the Suns of the B and C parts, each taken individually, are not so big as the single Sun of the A part.

Owing to their smallness and proximity to each other, the two Suns of the B part appear as one, and the four Suns of the C part also appear to be one.

Every Moon is nothing but a cooled-down Earth. But every cooled-down Earth does not necessarily manifest itself as the Moon.

The seventh world, just as it has seven Suns, has only seven Moons in all -- the A part (our Earth) having one, the B part having two, and the C part having four.

We saw that the Light Globes are the shadows of the real original Light, Gross worlds are the shadows of the Light Globes, Suns are the shadows of the Gross worlds, and Moons are nothing but cooled-down Gross worlds.

But what brightness the Suns have. How beautiful is even a full Moon. Then just think of the lustre of the original Light, God. Why, it can neither be thought of nor imagined by persons who are sense-fed and whose consciousness is only Gross. One has to be merged in it in order to experience it. And one merges in it when one, after throwing to the winds one's individual self, realises one's universal self, which one really is. You are that original Light -- but you have to realise that.

The Meher Message
April 1929 page 6-7
October 1929 pages 2-6
November 1929 page 5
Edited by K. J. Dastur

NOTE: For more on this subject, see "Shri Meher Baba, His Philosophy and Teachings" by Ramjoo Abdulla. The same book was re-edited by Filis Frederick and published as "Silent Teachings of Meher Baba" by Ramjoo Abdulla (v. 15, no. 2 of the Awakener Magazine). See page 21-23 in the more recent version.

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