Kartikeya, also known as Skanda, Subramuniya
and Murugan, was the second son of Shiva and
Parvati (their first son was Ganesh, also known as
Ganapati). Kartikeya is much revered in India as the
archetypal spiritual warrior, in some
ways similar to the Jewish/Christian/Muslim
Archangel Michael. He is often portrayed with a
serpent at his feet and with a peacock, on whose back he
flies to greet and help his devotees. He is the
guardian deity of lovers, and, according to one
source, of homosexuals. This statue is in the library
of Meherwan Centre, just to the right of the
portrait of Dhuniwala Dada.

Meherwan Center

Schedule of Events

Spring 1999

All public meetings start at 8:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted
If you come late, please enter quietly and sit in the back.

Saturday June 12
Readings from the Master Ramakrishna Paramhansa of Dakshineswar (1836-1886)

Saturday June 19
American poet Mocks of St. Louis, Missouri, will read and sing selections from the Diwan Mocks.

Summer 1999

Saturday June 20 -- Sunday July 4
Summer Solstice retreat at our country place. Stop in at the Center for more information.

Friday July 9
10 p.m. to midnight
Pre-Silence Day Meditation. Silence Day is a group remembrance of Meherwan Rinpoche's 43 year silence. Many of his followers observe silence every July tenth, communicating by writing rather than speaking for 24 hours.

Saturday July 10
The Centre will be open around the clock for Silence Day. Lunch and Dinner will be served (free of charge) in the Cafe. Volleyball on the roof at 3 p.m. Films of Meherwan Rinpoche will be shown at 7 p.m. Silence Day cake and ice cream at 11 p.m. The Centre will remain open all night.

Wednesday July 14
Sewing Circle: first meeting

Saturday July 17
Showing of the rare 1929 Birthday Film of Meherwan Rinpoche. The film will be run twice, at 8:15 and 10:15.

Saturday July 24
"God Speaks as a Sedative," A talk by Rev. Phineas T. Rev. Phineas, who prefers to be called Finn, is a knowledgeable and funny speaker on Meherwan Rinpoche (whom he prefers to call Meher Baba) and his life and teachings. He was most recently Pastor of the Full Gospel First Baptist Church of Meher Baba, Scientist, of Latter Day Saints of Crescent Beach, USA.

Saturday July 31
Birthday party for Krishna Vasudev, the Avatar of Vrindaban. Games, refreshments, and a film about his life and work in India more than 5000 years ago.

Thursday August 5
Celebration of the birthday of Miryam, the mother of Yeheshua of Nazareth. Miryam is more commonly known as Mary, and her son as Jesus Christ. Singing, prayers, and a group meditation. May continue till dawn.

Saturday August 7
Reception after the wedding of Ante and Darcy. All are invited. Music, merriment, and a fashion show.

Saturday August 14
Readings from Meherwan Rinpoche's book "Discourses."

Saturday August 21
Surprise night!

Wednesday August 25
Half-Birthday Costume Party for Meherwan Rinpoche of Arangaon (1894-1969). Come dressed as one of your future incarnations.

Saturday August 28
Beel S., director of Cheeses of Nazareth, will speak on how to apply the teachings of Meherwan Rinpoche in business.

Saturday September 4
Readings from Meherwan Rinpoche's book, "The Nothing and the Everything." We hope to have V. S. Kalchuri, editor of the book, with us this evening.

Saturday September 11
Meherwan Rinpoche in Kosovo. Volunteer workers in Kosovo will tell stories of their experiences there helping the returning refugees and opening the Meherwan Rinpoche Kosovo Center.

Saturday September 18
Reading and discussion of Meherwan Rinpoche's discourse, "The Problem of Sex."

Fall 1999

Sunday, September 19 -- Sunday, October 3
Fall Equinox gathering at our country place. Stop in at the Center for more information.

Saturday October 9
Film Showing
Parts 3 and 4 of "The Decalogue" by Krystof Kieslowski

Saturday October 16
New Life Day. Come begging with us in downtown Edinburgh. Meet 8 p.m. at the Centre.

Saturday October 23
Reading and discussion of the life and teachings of the Sufi master Inayat Khan.

Saturday October 30
Music performance by Janko Bubavic.

Saturday November 6
America Day Celebration. Meherwan Rinpoche landed in New York on the steamer Bremen November 6, 1931. There will be three films of the Master in America, music by Wali Al Hadooki, and a talk by Rev Phineas T. entitled "Top Ten Reasons to Forget America."

Saturday November 13
Community gathering: Election of members of the Board of Meherwan Centre. Each candidate will speak very briefly and answer questions from the floor. Everyone who attends may vote.

Saturday November 20
Community gathering and discussion. This evening is for sharing thoughts and feelings, to straighten out misunderstandings and peacefully settle any grievances. Chai and Mansari's plastic cookies will be served.

Saturday November 27
A concert by Viktor Meskovinskas

Saturday December 4
Patra Chosnyid Skybamedpa of the Bunnysattva Sangha Tribeca will tell about his meetings with Meherwan Rinpoche.

Saturday December 11
Oscar Luft-hansa of the Center for Broad Buddhism in Paris will speak on Meherwan Rinpoche's work with Buddhists of the Eastern School.

All meetings take place in Cafe Yezdan, on the street level of Meherwan Centre. Everyone is welcome. There is no charge. While Center evening gatherings formally end at 11 p.m., feel free to stay as long as you like.

Meherwan Rinpoche

Meditation Schedule

7 a.m. Morning Meditation

7 p.m. Evening Meditation

The meditations last about thirty minutes. Bring your zafu or meditation pillow or a folded blanket. Please leave the room quietly when you are finished, as some meditators may wish to continue awhile longer. If you wish instruction in meditation, see Maria Brennan a half hour before the session.

Community Meditation Gatherings

Saturday afternoons at 5 p.m.
These hour-long group meditations are usually followed by live instrumental music and then dinner in the Cafe.

The God Speaks Study Group meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Library. We are reading from the second edition, which differs somewhat from the first and the third. Bring your own copy if you have one. Free coffee, tea and pastries will be served.

The Monthly Picnic

The last Sunday of each month, we spend the day at our country property. Vans leave Meherwan Centre at 9 a.m. and return around 9 p.m. Children and animals are welcome (animals must be quite tame and used to traveling in an automobile).

What's in a Name?

Occasionally we meet an "orthodox" follower of Meherwan Rinpoche from another tradition who disputes the Master's name. Before any wars are fought over this, a word of explanation might be helpful.

The Master's given name, chosen by his parents, was Meherwan Sheriar Irani. After he became a spiritual Master, several of his Tibetan Buddhist devotees began to call him Meherwan Rinpoche. Rinpoche is a Tibetan word meaning"precious jewel" or "precious one" and is a mark of great reverence. Followers of Meherwan Rinpoche from other traditions identify him by other names, the most popular of which are "Baba" and "Meher Baba."

Here is what Meherwan Rinpoche's sister Manija Irani said about this:

"Although Baba signed His name in the abbreviated form "Merwan," the actual name is "Meherwan," from which He was later called Meher Baba."

Manija S. Irani
"Letters of Love" by Jane Barry Haynes, p. 292

Those who have studied religions may know that the names of past Masters were usually changed by their disciples. The Master known today as Buddha was addressed during his lifetime as Siddhartha Gautama. Jesus Christ (not his real name) was known as Yeheshua ben Miryam or Yeheshua ben Yosayf (Miryam and Yosayf were the names of his parents).

As to Meherwan Rinpoche, what does it matter what name he is called? The Master himself once explained that, really, he has no name, being the original formless and nameless one -- but that, in every advent, his devotees give him many names. If you find yourself obsessed with the "right" name, we suggest, respectfully, that you lighten up.

Michaelle Williamson

Meherwan Center is supported by gifts from the Max and Bessie Manger Charitable Trust, Manyai Matyas, Goldie Beile, The Copper Palace Foundation, The Order of the Golden Hand, Cheeses of Nazareth, the Retlaw Tsoy Publishing Group, Guy's Shoes, Powder Milk Biscuits, and the Ketchup Advisory Board. We are almost always in need of volunteers. Let one of the workers know if you want to help out.

Om Meherwan Rinpoche