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HEY! This is the place for fans of TOOF. If you are not already fan you will be one when you see him in THE MATRIX. He's the bomb!

Well actually he's not in The Matrix, and NO ONE has ever called him the bomb, at least not to my face. I know this because I AM HIM.

Welcome to my home page, citizens of the world! My name is Toof Otatop, I live in New York, I am originally from Vardo, Norge (That is the frosty place Americans call Norway). I live downtown with my sister Aerna and many of friends, most of who are Buddhist of the Eastern School. I am Buddhist too, proud member of the Bunnysattva Sangha. We follow the great spiritual master THE BUNNYSATTVA

My Master

The Bunnysattva lives most of the year in her incredible amazing mansion, the Copper Palace, which on the far side of the Moon. But she comes to see us regular, and some time we go stay with her, which is indescribable.

I grow up in Vardo, small city in far north of Norway, and move here a few years ago with Aerna. We live in the Village in the Bunnysattva Sangha house on Grove Street across from the park. House full of some friends and our holy teacher, Patra Chosnyid Skybamedpa. Patra was put to New York by the Bunnysattva to help introduce people to the Broad Buddhism. Favor came with him too. At first we have lots of public meetings, but now our number is stable and we take few new students once year in September.

My parents, Krull Otatop and Heather McKechnie. My mother was 15 when they met and they love together from the first week they meet. My father from Norway, from line of farmer and cabinet maker. Mother native American born Chatham New Jersey. She grew up London Kentucky. Her parents from Wales and Scotland I never meet. She model for while and dance in wild experimental troupe Meher Ballet Theatre New York.

When I was fifteen Father went on a journey to the Himalayas to search for the sacred land Shambhala. I think he found it but we don't know, he never return yet and no one else in group either. My mother pass on a year after that heart attack. My sister Aerna took care of me till Bunnysattva sent for us. Now we are both Bunnysattva children, even though we grow up. And my dear mother has reincarnate and I often see her.

Aerna and I come to America to live. We are happy here. We both work Gran Caffe degli Artisti on Greenwich Avenue though less lately. Aerna editor of Broad Buddhist magazine Zalak. We are both members of Bunnysattva Sangha Tribeca

Likely you don't know much about Buddhism or Bunnysattva I say a little. Buddhism is true very ancient path to higher consciousness. Real name Dharma not Buddhism. It base on understanding of human life and real purpose, which is become Enlightened. We are not Enlightened now but can become through hard work and help of Master like Bunnysattva. Also there are other Masters in world.

This is a statue of Djampa also known Maitreya,
the Buddha who come in this century

So if you don't like the Buddhism you can still go on the Spiritual Path. You can take the road of Sufism, mystic Christianity, Vedanta, Hebrew Kaballah, and others too. There have be many great Masters in the century: Sai Baba of Shirdi, Hazrat Babajan of Pune, Dhuniwalla Dada of Khandwa, Upasani Baba of Sakori, Tajuddin Maharaj of Nagpur, Narayan Baba, and Meherwan Rinpoche of Arangaon.

It is not so hard to find true Master if you are sincere (remember just cause you think you are doesn't mean you are) and don't mind suffer to find Truth. But most so-called Master are fakes, so keep your eyes wide.

This is dog I love McGillicudy

I like going to movies and stuff with my friends. I too like travel, specially Europe and in the Far East. Recently I have many chance to visit and travel in China, spreading divine love message of Bunnysattva.

I like music all type, country western, gregorian, Les Six, klezmer, Johann Sebastain Bach, John Renbourn. I am not expert computer or anything technical. Or sport, though I like to run bicycle and ice skate. I like Nastassja Kinski movies also Red and Double Life, films by great Polish director Kieslowski. I collect stuff animals have past twenty. I also like cheese.


My best friend Favor I love her. She study acting, dancing and astrology. She best dancer. Did my chart and so exact me I not recover yet.

Aerna my sister

She doesn't smoke or drink and studies the Bible, but she put Gauloises in her mouth and wet down hair for picture, good, no?

August and September we went, me Aerna and our friend Finn around west Europe. We drive a big van and sleeeped in it have lots of fun, eat good and saw many fine place and peoples. I especially like Italy and France but everywhere was good to see even dark places so we know. Many people seekers there I tell about Buddha Bunnysattva and Meherwan Rinpoche. Also go holy places Assisi, Liguria, San Marco Venice.

My favorite meditation is The Divine Theme cause I get exalted but I also like no-thought meditation too. I like prayers of Meherwan Rinpoche.

This is a statue of Tara,
the Buddha of loving kindness

You should read Bunnysattva Sutra to know more about Broad Buddhism. Just download files and read on computer or print it.

Good friend Spat. She is pilot and also learn much herbal medicine from Ananda. Ananda is also very close to me but he doesn't want his picture on. (paranoid?) Patra says not put his picture here or mine either so I bow to him.

The begining first soul, who became the first sub-atomic particle, the first atom, and evolving higher and higher bodies, the first human being, finally become the first Enlightened soul. Hindus call him Lord Shiva. He came back into the creation as the first Buddha. This first Buddha is known called Adam by Christian, Jew, Muslims, as Ganesh by HIndus, and as The Adi-Buddha Samanta Bhadra in the Buddhism of Tibet (my favorite). This is picture of Ganesh. He's the bomb.

Got to run, it's good talk to you, you can write me at, but I only some time answer now for I am travel too much. If you write me I might put up your letter here, so tell me if not to. Remember don't take drugs, bad for body and soul, and drink little or better no alcohol to keep your mind clear. Save the animals! Peace and love from the Toof.

"Ah, but every face
within your face does show..."

Robin Williamson

Om Bunnysattva Soha

Since October 5th

Om Meherwan Rinpoche