Hi. My name is Aerna. I live part of the year in Greenwich Village and the rest of the year on the far side of the Moon.

Nonsense, nobody lives on the Moon, you say. Wrong. I do. And about forty other people (some of them you probably wouldn't agree are people, but most likely your definition is more narrow than mine). All I can say is, unless you've been there, how do you know for sure?

Back to Earth. If you've never been to the Village, you should go. It's an interesting, even intoxicating place. There are cafes and lots of young and old people and art and music and dancing. I like it a lot.

The far side of the Moon is cold and stark but very beautiful. I stay in a lovely mansion there, the Copper Palace of my spiritual Master, Bunnysattva.

Bunnysattva is a great being who comes again and again to Earth to uplift the conscious- ness of all creatures. Her name is derived from the word sattva, which means being, and bunny, which is a small furry animal with very long ears.

Bunnysattva is both a bunny and a fully Realised Enlightened soul. Like Buddha and Christ, she has come to redeem the world and set us all upon the Path of Truth.

For the moment I'm working at Gran Caffe degli Artisti on Greenwich Avenue. I like this cafe and there are good people there. We get our share of strange ones too. My brother Toof works there also but don't bother him, he gets surly, and he might bite you.

We are both originally from Vardo, Norway, which is in the far north. Mother was an artist and model from America; Father was from Norway and a seeker after Truth.

I hope you like my home page. I did it with help from Mandy Bell Buick and Retlaw Tsoy. You can visit their pages using the links below.

May the Great Rabbit be with you!

Aerna Otatop


The Door to the Bunnysattva

Zalak, a magazine I edit

My home sangha

My home sangha last summer

Meherwan Centre in Wales

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