...The institution of slavery in the Middle Ages was already bad enough, but the irresponsible slavery of this industrial age of ours is worse. Emancipation of mankind from such types of physical and economic slavery is comparatively an easy affair. But the most cruel and destructive form of slavery is an intellectual bigotry of possessing the monopoly on Truth, exclusive of others. It is such types of people, when they happen to wield temporal power on earth, who hasten the downfall of a laboriously built civilization or the disintegration of a living religion...

Meher Baba

The human shape is a ghost
made of distraction and pain.
Sometimes pure light,
sometimes cruel,
trying wildly to open,
this image tightly held within itself.


Now for some superficial words by Parkar.
(If your like me you're thinking, "Oh, what a relief.")

When I saw that a natural foods company had made a vegetarian Jello, complete with bright translucent colors and jiggle, then I began to feel that really anything in life is possible.

This led me to begin pondering one of my favorite childhood memories, marshmallow cream, yum, particularly with peanut butter on bread. Of course, this substance is now strictly forbidden because white sugar makes me really nauseous and all that artificial stuff and gelatin are complete yucks.

Imagine my surprise when recently I discovered that marshmallows were originally made from, not only sugar and gelatin (or gum arabic) but also the mucilaginous root of the Marsh Mallow plant, at least according to Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary.

I double checked at the grocery, and just as I suspected the ingredients are as deadly and artificial as ever.

Dare we face the new millennium without a decent marshmallow cream made with a non-animal thickener, natural whole sweetener and real Marsh Mallow root? I think not!

I am throwing down the gauntlet to all humanity, to develop a healthy marshmallow and marshmallow cream!