The Bunnysattva Sutra

is perhaps the most sacred scripture of the Eastern School of Broad Buddhism. Hidden in Tibet for roughly 1200 years, it was rediscovered in 1996.

The Bunnysattva Sutra is revered, studied, chanted and worshiped by more than 400 million Broad Buddhists who live within the Earth. Only a handful of spiritual seekers outside the Eastern School have had access to this rare document -- until now.

An advance version of an English translation of The Bunnysattva Sutra is being made available -- for a limited time only -- to sincere seekers of Truth, serious Buddhist scholars, and the occasional bored curiousity-seeker. The finished translation will be published in book form, it is hoped, within the next two years.

You may download and read the first 600 pages of The Bunnysattva Sutra. The only condition is that you use this material solely for your personal spiritual education and upliftment, and do not reproduce, publish or post any of it, mechanically, electronically or telepathically. This English translation of the Bunnysattva Sutra is copyright 1999 The Eastern School of Broad Buddhism, and may not be reproduced in any way without written permission.

Sacred esoteric Buddhist scriptures should never be used for personal gain or enrichment. Those who ignored this principle in the past have suffered unspeakable consequences. The Bunnysattva Sutra is protected by a powerful Tibetan Gonpo. You have been warned.

The first ten pages of the Sutra are on their own webpage at

The Bunnysattva Sutra

The entire manuscript is divided into twelve text files, numbered BS1 through BS12. Create a folder on your hard disk for them -- then click on the section or sections you want to read. I recommend you start at the beginning and not skip ahead. Those who have tried to read the Sutra out of sequence have generally gotten hopelessly confused.

You can open the files offline from within your word processor. I suggest you enlarge the type at least to 14 point, and use a typeface with serifs. Serifs are little doodads on the letters that make them easier to read. Some browsers will let you read the text-files online. The problem in that case is tiny print. But you may be able to adjust your browser for larger print, if you know how. Generally it's wiser to download the files and read them at your leisure.

To download the twelve sections of The Bunnysattva Sutra, go to the


Scroll down the page to "The Bunnysattva Sutra" and click on Part One, Part Two, and so on. Part One is the beginning of the Sutra mentioned above, on its own web page. All the other parts are downloads.

If you are using a computer at a public library, you may not be able to download or even read the Sutra. If you have this sort of problem, please write me.

Interspersed with the text are some of the comments and questions of readers of the first draft of the English translation, which appeared, in part, in the Buddhism Forum of America Online.

There have almost certainly been mistakes in transcription, and errors of interpretation in translating -- so exercise discrimination in your reading. None of the translators or editors of the Sutra are Enlightened beings.

I hope you will benefit spiritually from your study of this sacred text, as I have, and put into practice the mystic teachings contained therein, for the benefit of all beings in all worlds.


Mandy Bell Buick

Web Mistress
The Eastern School of Broad Buddhism
Paris and Tribeca

March 20, 1999

Lord Felheks Gonpo, Guardian of