Meher Baba Bhakti
Meher Baba's Lovers
and the Path of Devotion

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English-language ghazals
by Bill Gannett


Lyn Ott
Laurie Blum

      my memory revives...

my memory revives the time of your long curly hair,
how it released such scented bliss and rich despair!

the eternal living ancient one was your visage,
repeat the beloved's name earnestly was your message.

a slap from your soft hand sent robust men flying,
a glance from your steel eyes- continuous crying.

your dargah was called manzel-e-meem, house of the master;
all of your disciples saw in you the light of zoraster:

the name newly given you was meher, and means the sun;
it also means love and mercy, or simply, compassion.

like your father- a fakir, poverty was your glory,
and the infinite wealth of heart your unending story.

darvish, cry and cry again to see his long curly hair,
but about his fierce beauty and soft hands- beware!

      we only met you...

we only met you after you left your body behind,
but we know you to be compassionate, most kind.

your loving presence has always remained with us-
even awakening the stony heart to feel your kiss.

stone must break to release the secret joy within-
only dust can rise to the clap of the master's whim.

age after age rolls by to crush the hardened heart,
we must long for the master and from him never part.

god help us to believe in our own grinding pain-
there is no other way to abide in lover's lane.

the world throws salt on the wounds of our endeavor,
we cry out for grace to unite us with you forever.

the dawn breeze spoke to darvish about god's deep trust-
one day, by the masterís touch, he will be singing dust!

poems by Bill Gannett appear here by his permission

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