Book Two

"Remember me before starting and after finishing any work. Think of me before doing anything. If you have to write something, remember me before starting, and then mentally say 'Baba, it is you, not I, who is writing.'"

Meher Baba, 30 March 1930, Nasik, LM4 p1293

Mrs. Greenside, an author of spiritual books, was meeting Baba for the first time

Dorothy Greenside: I felt within myself an inspiration which enabled me to write. But all of a sudden the power seemed to diminish and was lost. I have no desire to write anymore.

Baba: These were mere glimpses. They are always temporary and fleeting. But I will help you. You are not to blame. It was not your fault that this inspiration and power have gone away. The reason was that it was not the time. The time was not right for you to have that power, for it to appear and for you to retain it. It is no fault of yours. But with my help, you will have the inspiration. You will regain it, and it will then always be with you. One day you will be able to help humanity much through your writings.

10 October 1933, London, LM5 p1820

"One of the requirements of acquiring control over thoughts is to become fully conscious of what they are. They have to be attended to before they are controlled. In ordinary introspection it is often not possible for the beginner to devote adequate attention to all the shadowy thoughts which pass through his mind. It is therefore helpful for the aspirant occasionally to write down all his thoughts as they come, and then to inspect them carefully at leisure. This process is different from writing planned articles. Thoughts are here left without any direction or restraint, and are allowed to appear as they come, so that even repressed elements from the subconscious mind have an access to the conscious mind.

"In a more advanced stage, an intensive awareness of mental processes can take place while thoughts appear in consciousness, and writing becomes unnecessary. The watching of mental operations should be accompanied by critical evaluation of thoughts. Thoughts cannot be controlled except through the sense of their value or lack of value. When the diverse types of thoughts which assail the mind are critically evaluated, and the internal stirrings of sanskaras are faced, understood and taken for what they are worth, the mind is freed from all obsessions and compulsions in relation to them."

Meher Baba, c.1940, India, Di v3 p82

"I have a strong wish now to embark on a series of writings that would bring unmistakably to Western minds the fact of Baba, and the true function of spirituality. Perhaps his grace will enable me to eventually do this. I do not think this is too bold of me. Eknath caused even an idiot boy to write a great work. Baba can do the same with me if he considers it necessary as a part of his work."

Francis Brabazon, in a letter to
Eruch Jessawalla, 11 May 1954, TK p15

"Baba very happily approves, with his blessings, your idea of embarking on a series of writings on Baba - all the facts. Baba says, 'Do it, and begin doing it from now.' He further says that your love for him will guide you, your faith in him will give you the determination, and that his own blessings will inspire you to turn out his work through your pen. He wants you not to worry about how and what you will write. He says that you commence writing on the series, and do not at all be anxious about the result. Let it be immaterial whether your writings are accepted or not. You do not worry; let the result itself have the worry."

Eruch Jessawalla, from a letter to Francis
Brabazon, 21 May 1954, TK p16

"God does not read what your pen writes. He hears what your heart sings."

Meher Baba, quoted in 'In Lap of Love'
by Naosherwan Anzar, frontispiece

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