Book Two

"I witnessed a man who came before Baba in Myrtle Beach in 1952. Ivy Duce brought this man. He was giving a lot of talks on spirituality. He was very respected all over Europe, a very important man.

"I was the interpreter, and was dumbfounded when Baba asked him the following question. I thought he would ask him a question about his work, about his understanding of the Avatar, or something else, but Baba asked him directly, 'Are you involved with a woman?'

"He was a very truthful and honest man. He said, 'Yes, Baba, I am.'

"Then Baba said, 'Then what is the good of your talking about spirituality? Will you do one thing?'

"He replied, 'Yes, I shall try. I don't promise.'

"'All right,' Baba said. 'Give up this business of bangles.' (Bangles signified woman or women in Baba's gestures.)

"'I will try,' the man said.

"That was in 1952. Baba went again in 1956. This man came also and saw him again. Baba again asked him about this, and he replied, 'I am still very much in the world.'

"Baba said, 'What is the good of your giving talks? Give up this hypocrisy.'"

Adi K. Irani, JT p137
Kings Road, Ahmednagar
July 10, 1968
(Adi told this story during a public talk, so Baba's words are not exact, but as Adi remembered them.)

Dear brothers and sisters of Meher-parivar,

I am extremely pained to find that there is a rift in the Meher-parivar in _________. This fact has been brought to beloved Baba's notice with utmost reluctance, and Baba wants me to let all his dear lovers know that:

1. Whatever be the cause of the rift, he wants each one to try his best to narrow it down and mend it by forgiving and forgetting one another's trespasses. This is possible if one resolves to be very sincere, very humble and very loving. Hypocrisy, arrogance and hatred widen the rift and breed contempt.

2. This is a very critical period of the Avataric age, and all his lovers must strive their utmost to hold his daaman very firmly so that it does not slip out of their hands under any circumstance.

3. It is very important for all his lovers, especially in this critical period, not to succumb to lust. Temptations are and will be great, but your love for him should be greater. Remember him wholeheartedly, and rise swiftly from where you have fallen, to march ahead in his love and service as his determined soldiers heading towards victory.

4. It is equally important at this critical period of the Avataric age to beware at all times of persons who lead others into believing that they are saintly and pious, and profess to possess supernatural powers. However pious such persons may appear to be, a Baba lover must never mix up such piety with the divinity of the Avatar.

5. A true Baba lover must remember the repeated warnings given to all Baba lovers time and again, to stay away from persons who feel and assert that they are masters and saints, and possess powers to help human beings. His lovers and workers should never get involved with such persons and affairs, much less with perverted 'helpers of humanity' who have no reverence or regard for the Perfect Masters and the Avatar of the age. Beware of them who exploit spirituality to gain their selfish ends, and dupe others in the name of Sadgurus and the Avatar.

6. His lovers and workers should not get intimately involved with the family affairs of one another, and they should not be emotionally upset by the personal affairs concerning any of the families. They should NOT let any personal affairs vitiate their relationships with one another, or affect their efforts in the work they do for the cause of the Truth.

7. He wants his lovers and workers who are spreading his message of love to others to share his love among themselves, and to uphold the spirit of harmony and understanding in his name. He wants them to be less aggressive towards others and less tolerant towards themselves, and above all, he wants them to love him wholeheartedly, for he is the Ancient one who loves them more than they can ever love themselves. Please note the above seven points carefully, as they are from beloved Baba. They are for all his lovers and workers everywhere.

With loving regards,

Yours brotherly,

Adi K. Irani

HM p413-414

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