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Meher Baba traveled from Port Said to Venice on the ship Conte Rosso in April 1932. On board he met with Professor Ernest Wood. Wood was a Theosophical teacher who worked at the Theosophical headquarters in Madras, India. Baba explained to Wood at length what he meant by spirituality. Wood wrote a number of books on Theosophy, including 'Is This Theosophy?'

(LM5 p1548)

Annie Besant, president of the Theosophical Society, died September 20, 1933. Her daughter visited Baba in London in October, and Baba told her, 'She will be born as a man in India.'

(to Mrs. Vincent Scott, LM5 p1824)


Paul Brunton met Meher Baba in November 1929 in India. He wrote that he asked Baba "There are other claimants to messiahship?" and that Baba answered: "Yes. There is Krishnamurti, Mrs. Besant's protege. The Theosophists deceive themselves. Their chief wire-pullers are supposed to be somewhere on the Himalayas in Tibet. You will find nothing but dust and stones in their supposed abodes. Besides, no real teacher ever required someone else's body to be prepared and trained for his use."

Paul Brunton, A SEARCH IN
SECRET INDIA, 1935, p60

Paul Brunton (Raphael Hurst) wrote an account of his meetings with Baba, apparently with the intent to defame him. The quote above appears to have been made up from Baba's earlier (1925) statement (SW p262-263), which Brunton may have read in the diaries Baba had given him to look through.

Brunton had come under the influence of K.J. Dastur, a disciple of Meher Baba who had left and denounced him. Brunton's quotations of Baba (including the quote above) are at best untrustworthy. Baba did not allow him to take notes when they spoke.

Brunton was also, apparently, the author of several articles about Baba published in the English magazine John Bull in 1932. Margaret Craske asked Baba who had written in John Bull. He replied,

"Since you want to know, I will tell you. It is Raphael Hurst (Paul Brunton). He is creating opposition against me in London. The poor chap is to be pitied; we should pity him rather than blame him. Unknowingly, he has been made an instrument of K.J. Dastur's in India. He is unaware of the real situation, inner details and aim. Dastur is the cause of all this animosity...

"That ignorant man, Paul Brunton, has been made a fool and a tool by Dastur. Brunton has been to India, stayed in Nasik, and has observed things with his own eyes. When he sought my advice, I told him to go on a pilgrimage to certain places in India. He did not do that, and coming under the influence of Dastur, he has commenced spreading lies about me here. This is the result..."

(May 1932, LM5 p1609-1610)

(For more about Paul Brunton, see Book Three: Footnotes, and 'My Father's Guru: A Journey Through Spirituality and Disillusion' by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, 1993.)

Malcom Schloss wrote to Krishnamurti in September 1931, telling him Meher Baba was about to come to America. Krishnamurti wrote him back from Holland October 1st, thanking Malcolm, said he would very much like to meet Baba in America, and conveyed his greetings to Baba. Later, after Baba left America, Malcolm sent Krishnamurti several press clippings about Baba's visit and suggested Krishnamurti write Baba in India. Krishnamurti wrote him March 18, 1932 from Ojai, California,

"It is very good of you to have sent me the newspaper articles regarding Meher Baba. I do not see how I can write to him as I have nothing to say to him, but I hope I shall meet him some time, either in India or Europe. I hope you understand that it is not rudeness on my part not to correspond with him, but I really have nothing to say. After meeting in person, perhaps we can correspond together."

(LM4 p1469)

Norina Matchabelli told Rom Landau, a writer who met both Meher Baba and Krishnamurti, that Baba said Krishnamurti possessed great possibilities within himself, was on the right path, but would not fulfill himself or become truly great until he came to see him.

(LM4 p1469 and 'God is My Adventure' by Rom Landau)

"...While in Santa Barbara, we monitored over to see Krishnamurti at Ojai Valley. Norina knew him previously, and had a good talk with him. He said it would be a privilege to meet you.*"

Elizabeth Patterson, letter to Meher Baba, 1944, LM8 p2954

*If Krishnamurti did eventually meet Meher Baba, the meeting has not been recorded.

Filis Frederick wrote that Meher Baba said Krishnamurti was on the fifth plane.

"One can smile at Norina's naivete about whom to bring to Baba, but it is interesting to note, first, Baba gave in to her whims; and second, how lucky these people were to meet him, ready or not. Sometimes he refused. For example, in India, she begged Baba to meet Krishnamurti, (he once was acclaimed as Avatar of the age by the Theosophists, a position he wisely repudiated). Baba said, 'Leave him alone. He is on the fifth plane, and will stay there until he dies.'

(Aw 20:2 p17)

A soul on the fifth plane who acts as a spiritual master is called a Wali. Baba explained,

"Walis and Pirs of the fifth and sixth plane can raise you to a higher state with just one look. But that is not the Perfect state, as these advanced souls are not Perfect. At times, even Perfect Masters cannot help those caught in these nets. Therefore, except for the Perfect Ones, do not even be beguiled by the advanced souls of the fifth and sixth planes.

"Stick to the Emperor and don't leave him for any reason. I am in everyone. But if you catch hold of me, you will have the root of all creation in your hands. Then you will not need to go after the branches and leaves. If you are lucky enough to catch hold of the Emperor, you should never, never leave him.

"Go on digging until you find water. Don't keep changing the spot. If you get impatient, by digging two feet here and four feet there, you will never strike water. If you only dig a shallow well, you will get impure water. Only patient, laborious digging will result in your finding crystal-pure water. And for that, you have to exert energy and dig deep.

"This Path is not easy at all, and if you enter it, you will not find joy here. Therefore, I warn, think seven times before entering it. If you are after God, you will have to give up everything - your father, your mother, the whole world. You have to renounce each and every thing. Therefore, ponder well, and then take your step. If not, leave this Path and attend to your worldly duties.

"Once you fall for the Path, don't be afraid of anything in the world. 'Who will look after my parents? How about my job? What will the world think of me?' All these thoughts are useless. If you had died, who would have looked after your near and dear ones? Those affected will care for themselves. God takes care of everyone. He is the true sustainer. Once you have entered the Path, you should desist from such thoughts.

"Try to be a lover of God. If you find out how to love him, you may go mad. The real lover is never influenced by the world or what people think of him. He will not even care for his life. He will remain what he is - totally indifferent to the world, unashamed of

"All rivers flow in me. I am the ocean. Stop looking elsewhere, and look only at the ocean. By concentrating on me, you yourself will become the ocean. To look at the ocean means to carry out my wishes at all times."

Meher Baba, 6 September 1929, Bombay to Kaikhushru Pleader, LM4 p1215-1216

Baba commented about advanced souls who believe they have realised God,

"There are many on the Path who become self-deluded, and think they have reached the goal, and say 'I am God.' They are not charlatans, but self-deluded. They believe it genuinely, but when the time comes, it goes. Then they perceive it was a delusion. This is called Mukama Fasana, i.e., the Abode of Delusion."

Meher Baba, 9 January 1937, Nasik, Aw 16:2 p19

"Most masts and saints do not know me as the Avatar, but only recognise me according to their station. They do not see beyond where they are - beyond their state of advancement."

Meher Baba, November 1944, Ajanta, LM8 p2982

Meher Baba told Bal Natu in 1954,

"At present, in the East and West, there are about seventy people who claim to be the Avatar. But I tell you, Bal, I am the real one."

10 May 1954, Mahabaleshwar, GG6 p43

Mildred Kyle led a Theosophical group in Seattle for fifty years. She met Meher Baba in 1952, and worked to spread his message in the United States. Her ashes are buried at Meherabad.

"Mother Kyle, the Theosophy leader, who gave it up for Baba, and met him at 95 years of age. 'I'm so old,' she told Baba, who replied, 'So am I. I am the Ancient one.'"

Filis Frederick, Aw 20:2 p49

"One morning in 1963, a visitor from the Theosophical Society came to see Baba for the first time, and asked him for a message. Baba said,

'My message is to love God to such an extent that you become God.

'That love is a gift from God.

'One of the means by which it can also be won is selfless service. But the selfless service should be so sublime that you should not even have a thought that you are serving.'

B p93

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