Book Two

"Baba had Ramakrishna's biography brought and opened at random - which was at the account of that Master's throat disease. Then Baba explained to the Mandali that Realised Masters had nothing of their own to suffer for, since they were Perfect in every sense.

"Their apparent sufferings were contracted from the physically diseased and morally debased whom they allowed to fall at their feet. "Because of this, such Masters rarely took medical treatment, and when they did it was hardly ever successful they simply fulfilled the necessary duration of suffering which their own Law required."

Francis Brabazon, SW p368
(April 1927, Meherabad)

"Many bitter experiences of the past often open new vistas that help one to understand things better, as they really are not as they appear. Your hard trials in life have been instrumental in making you what you are now, a changed being with a different outlook on life, and ushering you into the spiritual reality where you alone will find peace, bliss and love."

Meher Baba
in a letter to Grand Dutchess Marie
14 August 1935, Meherabad
Lord Meher v. 6 p. 1970

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