Book Two

"Gas in its finest state one discovers in the Mental world as Tej. Gas in a very fine state one discovers in the Subtle world as Pran. The vibration of Ether, Gross gas in a fine state, one discovers in the Gross world through deep concentration.

A yogi who attains the vibration of Ether does not need to eat Gross food, and the ether vibrations help him to maintain his body. A yogi can thus live on Ether alone. Similarly poets, music composers, writers and artists also attain vibrations of Subtle inspiration temporarily. From the Subtle world inspiration comes to them, and they feel inspired to write music, poems, epics and create art; but they do not attain permanent experience, which can only be experienced in the Subtle planes through the transformation into Subtle consciousness.

Therefore the yogis attain a different vibration (than the inspiration of artists) from the Subtle world, but can only feel one vibration, and that too, temporarily - but in a more concentrated form as a power (siddhi). Although temporary, the vibration that the yogi holds in his own body can last a long time - centuries.

"If any yogi observes fast for fourteen days to as many as forty days along with a specific (secret) penance, the yogi can hold Ether-vibrations, and then there is no need for his body to eat food. The yogi can live on earth for centuries without food, but such yogis are rare in this age. There were several such yogis in ancient times.

"On one occasion in the 1950s, Meher Baba indicated that there are three such yogis living in the Himalayas and Tibet who have been in the same body for the past 600 years. In order for the yogi to hold in his body the Ether vibrations from the Subtle world requires a certain specific penance and fast of fourteen to as many as forty days. This penance is kept secret among the old yogis. Attempting such penance is not recommended."

Bhau Kalchuri, LM 8 p2959fn (footnotes)

Baba directed four men to live in seclusion at Meherabad. One of them, Manekar, had a number of inner experiences. One experience was a light in his darkened room that was so bright he could read by it. Baba was told of this, and expressed pleasure, explaining,

"This is not spirituality. Such phenomena are only a medium to attract the pilgrim to the Path. One should not be fooled and get ensnared. There is danger in the enchantment."

January 1928, Meherabad, LM3 p1010

"There was once a government official who sent a messenger to Ahmednagar. Baba was in seclusion, and the messenger gave me a note from the minister addressed to Baba. It was my task to read it first. It was written:

"'Beloved Meher Baba: I am suffering very much. I do not know what I should do. I have a high position. I do not lack status or money. But in my family there is a situation which is very painful to me. It is beyond my power to correct it and restore the happiness which I enjoyed before.'

"I asked the man to sit in my office while I took the letter to Meher Baba. Baba listened very carefully as I read it to him. He said,

"'Tell this messenger who has come on behalf of the official that I do not perform miracles. I do not change circumstances. But there is one thing that is certain: my spiritual status is so high, so great, that if any man in any difficulty, in any corner of the world, at any time, remembers me with all his heart, then the difficulty is immediately solved.'

"It is a distance of nine miles from Meherazad to my office. The messenger was eagerly waiting for me. I gave him Meher Baba's message. This messenger was a very intelligent man. The moment I gave him Meher Baba's message, he asked the first question: 'Sir, what do you mean by remembering Meher Baba with all one's heart? Please explain.'

"Baba had not told me how to explain the meaning of remembering him with all one's heart. But I remembered something Baba had said before, and I explained it to the messenger in a very beautiful manner. I gave him the instance of a man swimming in the water who is about to be eaten by a big fish. He does not know what will happen in the next second. He is so frightened that he almost becomes unconscious. At that moment he remembers God; he remembers Meher Baba. 'O Meher Baba, save my life!' This is the meaning of remembering him with all your heart.

"The messenger was very satisfied with this answer. He went home, and of course told the whole story to the minister. And within fifteen days I got a letter that everything had been smoothed out."

Adi K. Irani, JT p14-15 (after 1947)
(From a talk by Adi K. Irani: Baba's words may not be exact)

A person on the higher planes gets certain powers. On the first three planes these are called mystic powers, and they include being able to read the minds of others, recite words or passages from a book without seeing it, allowing oneself to be buried alive for hours, producing things from nowhere, stopping trains, levitation, etc. On the third plane one can raise dead sub-human creatures. The powers of the fourth plane are called divine powers, and include the ability to raise the dead, including human beings, and to create new living forms in new worlds. A person on the fifth plane can control the thoughts of others. A person on the sixth plane can control the feelings of others. A person on the seventh plane who regains consciousness of creation has unlimited powers, but being desireless, has no inclination to use the infinite powers except (on rare occasions) for the spiritual benefit of others.

The exercise of powers is not a sign of spiritual advancement. Some occult powers have nothing to do with spirituality. They are the result of good sanskaras of past lives. These are called minor occult powers, and include clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing, producing sweets or money seemingly out of nothing, etc. Other powers can be attained through tantric exercises. These are called major occult powers, and they include levitation, flying and floating in the air, dematerialisation and materialisation, etc.


For more about occult powers and the powers of the inner planes, see Di p191, 196-200; NE p67-98, LM3 p881, LM8 p2959 and fn, and GS p123-131, 222-232. For more about miracles, see Be p33-43

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