Book Two

"The meaning of God-realisation is emancipation - freedom from the bondage of maya. But one has to be in maya to come out of it. So remain in maya, but do not get enmeshed in it. Keep away from its tricks and snares."

Meher Baba, February 1934, Madras
to Sampath Aiyangar, LM5 p1860

When Mehendarge received news that his brother had died, Baba took him aside and told him:

'This life, body and death are all maya, and to weep over the death of someone is ignorance. Remember, maya does not mean this world and its affairs. The illusion that this world and everything in it is real - and of feeling happy or unhappy over certain conditions - is maya.

'See how maya charms and deceives humans and how it entwines itself around them. Daily thousands die. Recently in America many died due to floods. In the war in Abysinnia so many were killed. The earthquake in Quetta alone killed 30,000 people. But though these thousands and thousands perished, you did not feel upset for them - those thousands of men, women and children who were healthy and strong, who were expected to live a long life, and had various hopes, plans and ambitions. Compared to them, your brother was old, unfit and suffering much. And for him, your tears are useless. He is free from his suffering. You should be glad.'"

21 March 1936, Mysore, LM6 p1991-1992

For more about maya, see the four chapters on maya in Discourses (7th ed.) p370-387. Also see chapter Satan in this book.

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