Book Two

"September 30, 1925 was a day of celebration in Meherabad, for a son was born to Rustom and Freiny. A few people came to celebrate the occasion. During a music performance, a Muslim began dancing and striking himself on the ground as if overcome with divine intoxication. Some spectators were highly impressed, thinking he was a fervent lover of God who was indifferent to bodily injury.

When the singing was over and all had departed, Baba complained of unbearable pain in his body. Twenty of the Mandali began vigorously massaging him, but the pain did not subside.

Baba: I am suffering because of that Muslim's prancing and jumping.

Pesu: What a frenzy of love overcame that man!

Baba: It was not love, but a sham. Posing is the greatest sin, and God never forgives it. God is afraid of hypocrites, and keeps himself at a distance from them.

Pesu: Then what is love?

Baba: Fire in the oven. He who loves does not know that he loves. I have warned you to be natural and not pretentious. God cannot be fooled - he knows what you are. So what is the use of pretending to be what you are not?

Bhau Kalchuri, 30 September 1925,
Meherabad, LM3 p756
Also see SW p254

"The fun of it all is that you who stay with me, who are with me all day, feel I am one of you, so the importance of reverence is naturally nullified, and in its place comes either love or ordinary familiarity. Now, if it is love, you are unconsciously trying to become like me. But if it is only familiarity, then you are trying to make me like you. So love, and then you will become like me."

Meher Baba, 19 August 1938,
Meherabad, LM7 p2307

Nanga Mast, a naked sadhu who looked about thirty years old, met Baba at the Kumbha Mela in December 1941. Baba said he was an advanced pilgrim the fourth plane, and told the Mandali:

"He is a soul drowned in the ocean of divine love. If someone were to ask me what makes me happiest, my reply would be, embracing a mast like the one you saw today. Such love consumes the false ego and annihilates the lower self. Divine consciousness dawns, and the highest asserts itself. Just as the state of man's communion with God, of the soul's identification with the oversoul, and of the lover's union with the beloved are beyond the realm of understanding, so also is the state of this perfect lover of God indescribable."

30 December 1941, Allahabad,
LM7 p2749, 2751, W p190

"If there is no love,

a) at least remember me every day 14 times,

b) do selfless service, because when you forget yourself, you forget the illusory self, when you do selfless service."

Meher Baba, 1955, Meherabad, LJ p69

"I am happy to hear that my lovers at Nagar are inaugurating the Meher center at Khushru Quarters. Though it is true that my real center is in the heart of the individual, it is helpful for my lovers to come together and think and talk about me, to discuss my teachings and messages, compare notes with each other, and cooperatively try to come closer to me in understanding and spirit. The one who does not seek my blessings, and desires nothing from me but to be able to love and serve me, is my true lover.

"In view of my long stay at Meherabad and Meherazad, the Nagar Meher center has a special responsibility and a role to play. In the future, when Meherabad and Meherazad become places of pilgrimage for my lovers all over the world, the world will be rightly looking forward to the Nagar Meher center for receiving my love and truth.

"It is therefore for you to have these from me by keeping yourself in inner contact with me, by bringing your lives into tune with my will, and by living in a manner that would inspire others to follow you in loving me.

"My nazar will be on everyone participating in the functions of the Nagar Meher center, which no doubt will have a bright future, rising up to the expectations which the world will naturally build up.

May you all inherit my life eternal.

My love and blessing to you."

Meher Baba, 1962, Ahmednagar
for the opening of the Ahmednagar Meher Baba center
'The Early History of the Ahmednagar Center' by Ward Parks
Meherana Messenger 1995:2 p3
nazar = the glance or blessing of the Master

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