Book Two

"From Baba's balcony we saw some of the most beautiful sunsets, and watched them for an hour or more.

"To look, he said, straight at the setting sun, was very beneficial to the eyes."

Kitty Davy
April 1933, Murree
PM p 201
Also HM p96

Q. How can one be a good doctor, and use that science best?

Baba: It is very simple - through love. If you love your work, you can do it with love, and anything that is done with love has perfect results. To be a good doctor, always have in mind that to you all patients, good or bad, big or small, are equal. Treat with as much care and interest a beggar as you would a millionaire. And in case you find you are not paid the price, you must not for a moment think of refusing. It is simple and practical, and yet a good many doctors don't observe this simple rule. Only if a doctor realises that one infinite God is within all, then that doctor works like a saint.

I am a doctor of souls. To me, good and bad, all are lovable, and I help each according to the need. But although it is simple for you to be a good doctor, it is very difficult to practise it. So many things interfere: reputation, name, money, society, circumstances, and so on. Is it clear? You can be a good doctor if you take it to mind. You are such a fine soul. I will help you.

29 June 1934, London,
to a woman doctor and her sister,
A p8-9*

*Abridged versions of this quote are in LM6 p1884 and PM p255. In both books one line was left out: "And in case you find you are not paid the price, you must not for a moment think of refusing."

"Baidul was the doctor of his village in Persia. He would boil garlic in oil and put a few drops of the mixture in the patients' ears. Taking my name, it cured all sorts of diseases. Thus he made some patients well, and his fame spread so much that he even gave a dying cow some drops of the tonic, extending her life too.

"But the fact is that the patients did not get well by his remedy, but by his full and supreme faith in me. Every evening he sits with me and I tell him to talk, and he tells me of Persia and other facts and stories. He says, 'Baba, only you made them well.' He never took money from any of the patients either.

"It is Baidul's firm faith that my name would cure the patients, and that made the tonic work. Had he the slightest doubt, the faintest speck of wavering about it, it would not have worked, and no one would have recovered."

Meher Baba, 17 October 1940
Meherabad, LM7 p2627*

*During this period Baba's women disciples were forbidden to mention the name of any man while Mehera was present. When Baba told this story to the women, he substituted 'Soltoon's sister' for Baidul's name. Soltoon was Baidul's wife.

For another story about Baidul's healings told by Eruch, see De p79-86.

"One of my devotees was working in an office, when suddenly he went blind. His family was miserable because of his plight. He was treated by doctors and taken to an optometrist. But they could do nothing for him except counsel patience.

"Chanji happened to visit the man. Chanji knew he had faith in me, so he advised, 'Keep Baba's locket in water, and apply the water to your eyes.' The man began faithfully following the advice without resorting to any other treatment. He also stopped taking his prescribed medicine. Chanji sat with him as the man put a locket of me in a glass of water.

"After a little while he applied the water to his eyes. Chanji kept him company for the next two hours. Suddenly the man saw a black spot, and in it appeared a vision of me walking toward him. He told Chanji, who was overjoyed.

"The next day Chanji again went to see him. His vision had continued to improve. He told Chanji, 'Come closer. I can see you very dimly.' After that, his sight improved so quickly that within two days he returned to work, to the utter amazement of the doctors."

Meher Baba, November 1940
near Kandy, Ceylon
LM7 p2634

Real healing is spiritual healing, whereby the soul, becoming free from desires, doubts and hallucinations, enjoys the eternal bliss of God.

Untimely physical healing might retard the spiritual healing. If borne willingly, physical and mental suffering can make one worthy of receiving spiritual healing.

Consider mental and physical suffering as gifts from God, which if accepted gracefully, lead to everlasting happiness.

Meher Baba, 1952? PL p31

"At the end of January Baba took us to Rusipop's* house in Ahmednagar, where we stayed for just over a month. During that time we heard that there was an outbreak of Bubonic plague in Ahmednagar.

"India was then still under British rule, and they insisted that all the inhabitants of Ahmednagar be innoculated against this disease.

"But Baba said, 'No innoculations for you.' So we felt quite safe. Although the British were very thorough in their campaign to innoculate everyone, not one of us had the injections."

Mehera Irani,
M p167-168 (January 1945)

*Rusipop was Goher and Katie's father

Baba asked, "Who did not sleep last night?" Several men stood up, and Baba spoke with each of them. He singled out one young man who had not stood up.

Baba: Why do you look so pale and tired this morning?

Man: I admit that I do not feel well, and I did not get a good sleep.

Baba: Why did you not rise to your feet when the others did?

Man: I am a young man, Baba, and I did not want to complain like an old one.

Baba (shaking his head): It is natural for those who have bodies to develop ailments. Both young and old alike can catch colds. Youth in itself is no protection against disease. In exceptional cases, such as the one who becomes God-conscious and does not return to normal consciousness, such a one remains naturally immune to contagion. But having come down to your level, even I can catch cold and become ill as naturally as you can. You must take proper treatment.

November 1955,
Meherabad, LH p31
Also see LH p84-85

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