Book Two

"Once Meher Baba asked us to define God. We made various attempts, but Baba was not satisfied. He said when the question 'What is God?' is asked, the answer is 'What is not God?' He then continued,

'Age after age, from time immemorial, you have been trying to find God, but you do not do so. Only one in tens of millions somehow or other realises God. But why do so many sincerely, wholeheartedly strive to find him, and so few do so? If God exists, and he does, then why cannot we find him?'

"Baba answered his own question.

'It is foolishness on the part of man seeking to find him. How can anybody find something which is never lost? God eternally is. Stop your search to find him, lose yourself, and you will realise him.'

"That is what Baba taught us: no sooner do you lose yourself than you realise God. Not by search, but by effacing ourselves. Not by asserting ourselves, that we are the ones searching for God, postively asserting ourselves, but by losing ourselves in his love."

Eruch Jessawala, IT p23

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