Book Two

While Dr. Ghani was sitting up with Baba after the rest of us had retired for the night, reading the Tazkire-Gousya,* Ghani asked Baba why Ghaus Ali Shah found it necessary to acknowledge 19 Masters, out of whom 11 were Muslims and 8 were Hindus. Explaining, Baba said,

"Really speaking, there is one Master who gives Realisation. It is for Knowledge - Dnyan or Irfan as referred to by Hindus and Muslims respectively, that sometimes it is necessary to approach one or more Masters. It also (sometimes) happens that the Master who gives Realisation also gives Understanding.

"In my case, Babajan gave me Realisation, and for Understanding I had to go to Maharaj, who took eight years to finish the process of Understanding. During this period of my process of Understanding, if I had connection with some others, I would have gone to many for such Understanding.

"Such Masters who advance the student are also entitled to be called a Master, although in the real sense, there is only one Master."

Ramjoo Abdulla, RD p152
(8 February 1923, Bombay)

*'Memoirs of Gousya' - Ghaus Ali Shah Qalandar of Paniput, 1804-1880, a Perfect Master.

Another version:

"God-realisation is always given by one Master only. It is only for Irfan - Gnosis - that sometimes contact with more than one Master is necessary.

"There are numerous cases amongst Hindus and Muslims who have contacted two or more Masters. Very often it is only one Master that gives God-realisation and Gnosis as well.

"In my case, Babajan gave me God-realisation, and for Gnosis (Dnyan) I had to spend seven years with Upasani Maharaj. During the period of my return to normal consciousness, if I had connection with some other Masters, I would have surely contacted them too.

"The number of Masters who impart Gnosis to a disciple, each one of them is entitled to be called a murshid (guru), but from the point of view of Realisation, there is only one Master."

TY p79-80

"Another early disciple, Ardeshir Khodiram Irani, first met Meher Baba during this time, and boldly demanded of him, 'Give me God-realisation!' Meher Baba told him to wait until he was ready. But whenever he would visit, he would pester the Master about it. Finally Baba became annoyed with Ardeshir's naive attitude, and said to him,

"'You really want God-realisation? The whole ocean will come in your cup. But if your cup breaks, I am not responsible.'

"Ardeshir knew Baba meant that he would drop his body if he attained Realisation, and was shocked by the thought of dying. From that day on, he did not speak of Realisation."

Bhau Kalchuri, LM2 p592
(c. January 1923?)

Meher Baba told Minoo Pohowala, who was in the habit of visiting saints,

"When you sink a well, you first select a spot before beginning the drilling. But if you stop drilling halfway, and start anew at a different spot, you will never find water, and all your labors will be wasted. But if you keep drilling at one spot, you will surely find water one day. A spirit of fortitude is required. If you are easily disappointed and keep trying at different places, you will never succeed. Similarly, if you continue running from one saint or Sadguru to another, you will never gain anything. Stick firmly to only one Master, and carry out his wishes. Dig, dig and keep on digging, and one day yoiu will get the water of Realisation."

That same day Baba met with Savak Kotwal.

Kotwal: I desire God-realisation in this birth.

Baba: Either long for God or for the world. You cannot have both. It has never happened before, and it will never happen in the future. I know how much you want to tread the spiritual Path, and I will see that you enter it. You will make rapid progress toward that goal, and you will eventually be competely swayed toward it.

2 June 1928, Meherabad
LM3 p1050-1051

Also see the chapters 'Liberation' and 'Perfection' in Book One and Book Two, and the article 'God-Realisation' in Discourses (v2 p45-49 in the five volume version).

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