Book Two

"Is it not very strange that, in spite of God being supposed to be equally just and merciful towards all, there are many people who are happy and many who are unhappy? Granted that this is due to individual good and bad actions on the part of the persons concerned. But what about those who are either born princes or born paupers?

"Perhaps it is like the rain. It rains over all places, but while pools hold the water for a long time, rocks soon get dried up. But we cannot blame the rain for this, can we? But then why are there pools that hold water, and the rocks that dry up soon, and who is responsible for creating this difference?"

Meher Baba, 1921,
on a train between
Bombay and Poona, Ms 3:2 p35

"...By a special dispensation of God, also, the very highest type of devotee, whose whole being is permanently focused on the divine beloved, is as completely exempt from the law of karma as the Dnyani (God-realised soul). Unlike the Dnyani, however, such a devotee is utterly ignorant of this exemption.

"But the ordinary devotee, no matter how sincere his devotion, remains bound by the law of karma, and so his best course is to apply this law to his own spiritual advantage by the constant practise of virtue and the constant abstention from evil. And when he fails in virtue, or falls into sin, he must throw himself on the boundless mercy of God and ask his forgiveness."

Meher Baba, 8 November 1952,
Meherabad, Aw 1:1 p6

"Duality signifies separateness. Separateness implies fear. Fear causes worry. The way of oneness is the way to happiness. The way of manyness leads to worries. I am the only one without a second, so I am eternally happy. You are separate from your Self, so you always worry. To you, what you see is absolutely real. To me, it is absolutely false. I alone am real and my will governs the cosmic illusion. It is the truth when I say that the waves do not roll or the leaves do not move without my will.

"The moment the intensity of your faith in my will reaches the apex, you bid adieu to worry for good. Then, all that you suffered and enjoyed in the past, together with all that you may experience in the future, will be to you the most loving and spontaneous expression of my will. And as the lover places the will of the beloved above all else, there is nothing which can cause worry.

"Live more and more in the present, which is ever beautiful, and which really stretches far beyond the limits of the past and the future. If at all you want to worry, let your only worry be how to remember me constantly. This is worth worrying about, because it is the antidote for worry. Think of me more and more, and all your worries will dwindle into nothing, for they really are nothing. And my will works out to awaken this in you and in all."

c.1960, India, OL,
another version: EN p62

"The judges of the world bring guilt to the guilty and punish them. I bring guilt to the guilty and forgive them."

Meher Baba, 1960s? IS p59

For an explanation of the law of opposites, see Be p58-67

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