Book Two

"... Creation involves only to re-evolve again. It is a never-ending game.

"I have explained it all in detail in my book.* Even scientists will be astonished to learn the secrets I have explained there. For these will not be vague talks, but facts that are substantiated and supported by scientific arguments.

"It will be the future bible, not in the literal sense, but a book of understanding for people of all religions."

Meher Baba,
5 May 1932,
Lugano, Switzerland, LM5 p1607
*A book Baba wrote in the 1920s that has not yet been published.

In May 1934, Meher Baba dictated a scenario for a projected film entitled 'How It All Happened' to show evolution, reincarnation and the process of Realisation. This is an excerpt:

"In the beginning, either show an ocean of dazzling light without any shore, or a deep, deep darkness which gradually vanishes into hollow emptiness. From this darkness, or dazzling light, comes a point of projection - a tiny point of light appears. From this point come Akash (full space) and Pran (primal energy). These two come together with a clash.

(Here Baba gave four diagrams
- see LM5 p1874)

"From this whirling chaos, the Subtle sphere comes into existence; then the primal elements of fire, water, air and earth, nebulae, and millions of heavenly bodies. Show billions of huge, enormous, immense, hot rotating bodies of mass spinning tremendously fast - millions of suns and planets. Then our solar system and our earth is formed, bubbling over with very, very hot gases and liquids.

"The earth is to be shown forming a crust as it cools, and uneven rocks, gaps in the middle, gas liquefying, and all the liquids evolving into oceans. From the ocean, evolution begins with algae and seaweed. Show the different forms for evolution: from electrons, minerals, algae, to the vegetable kingdom and the formation of the major species - seaweed, mushrooms, grass, neem trees, spinach; then fish, birds, animals, the 'missing link.' The story of the three characters in five lifetimes then begins."

Meher Baba, LM5 p1873-1875
For more of the film scenario,
see Aw 22:1 p1-4

Once in 1929 Baba asked some of his men Mandali,

"Have you ever examined what I defecate?"

Some said yes, some said no. Baba continued,

"You have no idea what my feces contain. In the beginning of creation, I defecated, and all the suns, moons, stars and universes came out. They are all my excrement. But just imagine, when this dirty thing is so beautiful, how can you ever imagine my real splendor? You will lose your senses if you ever see even a glimpse of it.

May or June 1929,
Meherabad, LM4 p1161

Much of what Meher Baba explained about the process and details of creation can be found in GOD SPEAKS: THE THEME OF CREATION AND ITS PURPOSE, by Meher Baba (1955). The second edition (1973) has much added material. You might want particularly to look at pages 80-88, 98-99 and 165 in the second edition.

The book BEAMS FROM MEHER BABA ON THE SPIRITUAL PANORAMA (1958) has more on the subject. This book contains Baba's answers to questions about GOD SPEAKS. See particularly pages 7-12, 20-43 and 77-88.

Another important source is SHRI MEHER BABA, HIS PHILOSOPHY AND TEACHINGS, COMPILED FROM HIS OWN DICTATIONS, by Ramjoo Abdulla (1933). This book was serialised in the Awakener Magazine, and later reprinted as a special edition of the Awakener, entitled SILENT TEACHINGS OF MEHER BABA by Ramjoo Abdulla (1974?). In this book, see pages 1-3 and 15-23.

A fourth important source is THE NOTHING AND THE EVERYTHING by Bhau Kalchuri (1981), which was written from notes given by Meher Baba. In this book, see pages 5-7, 195, and 210-215 (but there is more about creation scattered throughout the book).

Also see Di (7th ed.) p23-25, and EN p99.

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