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Meher Baba called Will and Mary Backett (devotees of Inayat Khan until his death, who first met Baba in 1932) "my Archangels." When Will died in 1963, Baba sent this cable to the English group: "Your cable regarding Will's passing away received. Both my dear Archangels Will and Mary Backett have come to me for all time. Baba"

(LA p603)

Baba also mentioned the Archangel Gabriel (Jibraeel):

"The Masters have sometimes followed external disciplines, including prayers, and have set an example of humility and readiness to learn from others. Thus Muhammad played the role of being taught by Gabriel. He thereby achieved two things. Firstly, he gave the world an example of readiness to learn from others. And secondly, he awakened the teacher in Gabriel."

1955? Be p74

Inayat Khan may have been referring to Archangels in these quotes:

"The Angelic souls who are in direct touch with the spirit of God... whose food is divine light, make around the divine Spirit an aura which is called the Highest Heaven."

"They fly around this light like the moth around the lantern... They 'live and move and have their being' in the divine light."

'The Message in Our Time' by Vilayat Inayat Khan, p209
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