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About the story in Book One: Angels, dated 'before 1948' from ST:

Another version of this story is told in the Koran (18: 69-82) about Moses. In N. J. Dawood's translation, published by Penguin books, it appears on pages 96-98, in the chapter he titled 'The Cave.' The Angel in Meher Baba's version of the story is called 'one of our servants to whom we had vouchsafed our mercy and whom we had endowed with knowledge of our own.' in Dawood's translation of the Koran. The 'our 'and 'we' signify Allah, who, it was bellieved, spoke to Muhammad through the heavenly messenger Jibraeel. Meher Baba confirmed that Jibraeel (Gabriel) did teach Muhammad.

"The Masters have sometimes followed external disciplines, including prayers, and have set an example of humility and readiness to learn from others. Thus Muhammad played the role of being taught by Gabriel. He thereby achieved two things. Firstly, he gave the world an example of readiness to learn from others. And secondly, he awakened the teacher in Gabriel."

Meher Baba,
1955? Be p74

In yet another version of the story, told by the Perfect Master Jelal al din Rumi, the 'Angel' is identified as Khwaja Khizr, who in Sufi tradition was the Master of Moses.

Meher Baba explained that Khwaja Khizr is a Perfect Master who takes temporary human form whenever needed, and that Khizr was the Master of Francis of Assisi (Aw 4:3 p34). According to Bhau Kalchuri, Khwaja Khizr was the Master of Narayan Maharaj (LM1 p31 fn).

Meher Baba explained about the poet John Milton:

"Milton was spiritually advanced, but did not attain beyond the second plane in the Subtle world. He could see heaven and hell, and that was how he was able to write Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. His books about heaven and hell depict the result of his personally seeing them."

3 November 1927,
Meherabad, LM3 p970

Meher Baba said in July, 1952 in New York, that one of his followers, Ella Winterfeldt, had been an Angel before taking human form:

"My dear Angel Ella came down to be with me."

source: Ella Winterfeldt

Another version:

"I am happy that my Angel has come down with me this time."

Aw 21:2:12

A third version:

'Ella is an Angel. Even Angels do not have this love for God. If they want to be Realised, they have first to become human. When a person becomes God-realised, he drops the body in one to three days.'

LM11 p3878

For more about the Angels and Indra, see NE p77-81.

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