Book Two

"There will be a terrible war in the future, and it will be more destructive and horrible than the last one. America will play the most important role in it. Millions will die, and the war will be so horrendous that there will not even be time to dispose of the heaps of corpses. It will be then that I manifest myself as the Avatar."

Meher Baba, 18 June 1927
Meherabad, LM3 p949

"... A great war will break out and rage between the Western countries - Russia, America, England, Italy, Germany and others. There will be such chaos and confusion throughout the world that not one leader will understand what to do. And out of this confusion and chaos, the Avatar will appear, to guide misguided humanity onto the path of peace and prosperity - toward eternal bliss.

"But that will take time and require great upheavals throughout the world. These disorders, disturbances and unrest are necessary to make the world turn its face toward spirituality, and ensure its future salvation."

Meher Baba, 28 May 1930,
Meherabad, LM4 p1314-1315

"A person has to pass through three stages before Realisation: evolution, reincarnation, and advancement on the Path. From stone to animal to human form is evolution. This is the first stage. With the human form, evolution ends, and the cycle of rebirth begins. This is the second stage. The third stage is involution through the spiritual planes.

"In Africa there is a full swing of evolution, as all types of animals, plants and metals are found there. In Europe and America, reincarnation is intensified, with numerous people taking birth entangled together. In Asia there is spiritual progress and advancement on the Path. That is why saints and Masters are found in the East, particularly India."

Meher Baba, 6 March 1930,
Mysore, LM4 p1276

"From ancient times, India has been a land of spirituality. So being born in India is a matter of spiritual pride, in as much as a person is seemingly so near the spiritual goal.

"The best of people born in America, Europe, Africa and other countries, with their good karma from this life, are born in India in their next life.

"And the worst of those born in India with false pride, egoism and undesirable karmas are born in Europe and America, or in places which are so spiritually backward."

Meher Baba, 28? May 1930,
Ahmednagar, LM4 p1314

"Spiritual centers are to be opened, especially in America, Turkey, Russia, Persia and England, and the Devonshire retreat will be such a center."

Meher Baba, 12 September 1931,
London, (to Meredith Starr) LM4 p1410


Meher Baba first came to America November 6, 1931. He had sailed from Genoa, Italy on October 27th on the S. S. Roma, arriving in New York harbor at 2 p.m. November 6th.

"I will come back to America to pour out my love to you, and to spiritualise America."

Meher Baba, December 1931,
on the ship S. S. Narkunda en route
to India from Marseilles,
to Malcolm and Jean Schloss

Mahatma Gandhi: What do you think about the West from your experiences and tours?

Baba: In America the spiritual hunger is intense. That is why I went and stayed there for a month. There is everything there materially. There is wealth, there are brains, there is heart. In other words, there is sufficient preparedness for spiritual growth and development.   ...

Gandhi: Then there is an awakening and interest about spirituality in America?

Baba: Yes, there is much. But the Americans have not had sufficient light and genuine guidance by a Master in a spiritual direction. If they get these, they will respond wonderfully.

Gandhi: And what about England?

Baba: In England, there is also an interest and longing, but not as intense as in America. The response that Americans gave was so splendid that even now I am considering when to go there again. They would not let me leave, and have made me promise that I return soon; only then did they let me leave...

3 January 1932, Bombay?
LM4 p1515-1517

"I want to make the Americans realise the infinite state which I myself enjoy."

Meher Baba, 20 March 1932, Nasik,
to Mills, an Associated Press correspondent,
LM5 p1541
Baba returned to America twice in the 1930s


Excerpts from an interview with Frederick Collins:

"Sex for me," he said, "does not exist."

Of course, he did not say it; but he communicated it to me by a method I'll explain in a minute.

"Modern marriage is too much of a business affair," he continued. "No wonder it so often results in divorce. Husband and wife should put each other first. It is essential for a happy family life that selfless love should predominate over lust."

I ventured to suggest that we who live in America had a good many problems right now besides sex problems. Baba smiled sympathetically, humorously. His smile was like an open fire in a cold house.

"Things have been messed up a good deal here," he said, "by lack of understanding."

The fact that this Parsee messiah was discussing our American problems in American language as naturally as if he had lived here all his life didn't seem so strange as you might think.

And the fact that he was discussing them, not with his perfectly good voice, but by means of letters which he pointed to on a small blackboard which he held on his lap, did not seem strange either.

Seven year silences, it seems, are not uncommon events among the holy men of India. The uncommon thing about Baba's was that he made you forget it so soon and so completely. He could 'talk' in seven different languages on his little board, and could spell out his words in any of the seven faster than human eye could follow. He was articulate in many other ways, this odd little man who came out of the East to save the world. He talked with his eyes, which I must say are the largest and softest and shiningest and smilingest I ever saw; and with jolly little grunts; and with affectionate pats of approval and agreement. Then there was his smile.

"What are you going to do," I asked, "for this 'messed-up' country of ours?"

"It is my country too," he said simply.

Apparently he feels that way about every country...

His special reason for visiting us for the purpose of breaking his seven year silence was, he said, that America, being most deeply engrossed in material things, and suffering most in consequence, was the soil in which a new spiritual rebirth would first take place.

"When you break your silence," I asked, "how will you do it? By radio?"

"Surely not by radio!" exclaimed one of his London disciples in his most horrified British manner.

"Why not?" spelled out Baba on his board.

Skeptic that I was, I could not doubt his sincerity. Or his courage. When I asked him to particularize about the kinds of messing up to which we in America had been subjected, he might easily have sought refuge behind one of the general, vague assertions of principle with which all Eastern writings are filled.

"America has great energy," he said, "but a great deal of it is misdirected; and misdirected energy produces destructive complexes, and these in turn produce fear, greed, lust and anger, which result in moral and spiritual decay."

"Those are strong words," I protested.

He smiled reassuringly. He certainly could do wonders with that smile.

"Is it your aim to help us with our spiritual problems or our practical problems?" I asked.

"Our spiritual problems are our practical ones."

"And just how do you intend to help?"

"The help I will give will produce a change of heart in thousands, and then right thinking and living will result automatically."

"Will that solve the depression problem?"

"It will solve every problem."


"Yes - and the problem behind prohibition," he said. "I do not believe in drink, and none of my followers drink. But I know that prohibition should never have been put in effect the way it was."

"All at once?"

"Yes. Spirits should have been barred, but not beer and wine. Then we might have had a law that could be enforced. As it is, we have a law which makes money for dishonest officials and increases all vices everywhere."

You may not agree with this opinion. But at least it is an opinion. I had to admit that, for all his seven year silence, Meher Baba had said more in these few spelled-out sentences than many a senator or party platform maker had mouthed in seven hour speeches.

"I believe in self-control," he continued, "not in coercion. Coercion is based on oppression, and results in fear and hatred. Self-control requires courage, and may be induced by love. We will do many things for those whom we love which we would not ordinarily do - which we would not ordinarily have the strength of mind and power to do. How many habits have we been able to break through love, which we would never have had the strength to break without love? And when the love is universal love, all habits which are detrimental, either to the individual or to the social order, will be dissolved in its light.

"It is the same way with this economic situation you were asking me about," he added. "There is a very close connection between a man's character and his circumstances, between his internal environment of thoughts and desires and his external environment. 'As within, so without' is the law.

"If we are dissatisfied with our environment, it is usually because we do not know how to adjust ourselves properly to the environment. Instead of thinking, 'How can I get out of this?' and becoming discouraged or depressed, we should think, 'What is the lesson I should learn from this experience?'

"Poverty, if cheerfully endured, provided one does one's best to find work, develops humility and patience, and can greatly assist spiritual progress. It is a test of character. I know it is difficult to be cheerful while starving, but all the worthwhile things are difficult.

"Even millionaires are unhappy unless they have learned to think and live rightly."

I asked him if he thought a general acceptance of his doctrine of love would bring about a more equable distribution of what you and I need every day - money.

"It must," he replied. "Suppose we all loved each other as deeply as we now love the one whom we love best. The most natural desire of love is to share what one has with the beloved. The desire to share with everyone would produce a condition under which it would be a disgrace rather than an honor for anyone to possess more than anyone else."

Sex. Prohibition. Poverty. All were to be banished by love.

"Do you expect to do this all at once?" I asked.

"No. But sooner than you think. People will respond."


"They will have to."

He didn't explain. But he didn't need to: I knew he would say that the compelling force would be love...

18 May 1932, New York
part of an article by Frederick L. Collins, published in Liberty Magazine,
July? 1932, p26-27
For the complete article, see 'Meeting Meher Baba' in this book.
Part of this article is reproduced in LM5 p1620-1622

Rom Landau: Do you think a possible spiritual revival (happiness) will be the outcome of individual effort, or rather a collective movement of nations (like the great religious movements of the past)? Will certain nations achieve it sooner than others, and which?

Baba: The spiritual revival that you ask about is not very far off, and I am going to bring it about in the near future, utilising the tremendous amount of misapplied energy possessed by America for the purpose. Such a spiritual outburst that I visualise takes place every seven or eight hundred years, at the end or beginning of a cycle, and it is only the Perfect One who has reached the Christ state of consciousness that can appeal and work so very universally.

Answered by mail, May 1932,
London, A p38.
Another version: LM5 p1612

The following quote seems to be based on the one above:

"I intend bringing about a great spiritual revival in the near future, utilising the tremendous amount of energy possessed by America for the purpose. Such a spiritual outpouring that I visualise usually takes place at the beginning or end of a cycle, and only a Perfect one who has reached the Christ state of consciousness can make such a universal appeal...

"The benefits that shall accrue to different nations and countries when I bring about the spiritual upheaval, will be largely determined by the amount of energy each one possesses. The greater the energy, however misapplied, the greater the response. The Master merely diverts the current into the right channel.

Meher Baba, 19 May 1932, New York,
part of a printed message given to reporters who came on board the ship Bremen, Me p84-87
Other versions: PM p165-168, LM5 p1616-1618

"I am so very pleased to see you again. Among you are many of the first Americans I met last time I was here - so I regard you as old friends.

"No doubt some of you have seen various newspaper reports about myself and my work. Many of these are misleading. But it is not to be wondered at if journalists do not understand my work or pander to the desire for sensation.

"I do not intend to found any religion, cult, creed or society. There are already far too many of these organisations. I have come to help people realise their ideals in daily life. The widespread dissatisfaction in modern life is due to the gulf between theory and practise, and between the ideal and its realisation on Earth. The spiritual and material aspects of life are widely separated, instead of being closely united.

"There is no fundamental opposition between spirit and matter, or if you like, between life and form. The apparent opposition is due to wrong thinking, to ignorance. Hence the remedy lies in the continuous practise of right thinking, to permanent Illumination resulting from the balance between the head and the heart. This is the Illumination which I intend to give.

"The greatest mystics have realised through personal experience that God alone is real, and everything is God. This means that, though you may not be aware of it, the highest is latent in each one of you. But in order for it to be lived and experienced in consciousness, it must be manifested.

"Intellectual conviction of this truth is not enough. True knowledge consists in Illumination which finally culminates in union with the ultimate reality. This last is the state of Christ consciousness, which is my permanent condition.

"The obstacles to Illumination are certain mental tendencies and desires connected with egoism, which in the East are called sanskaras. The sum total of these tendencies and desires creates the illusion of a separate self at war with or isolated from other selves. Evolution, or the fall into matter, made the creation of such a separate self necessary. Otherwise, spiritual consciousness could never be attained in the flesh.

"In the beginning, before evolution began, we were united with the source of all, and (have) a consequent conscious longing to return to it through a succession of lives and forms. The conscious return to the source during physical incarnation only became possible when consciousness became equilibrated in Gross matter.

"America represents the vanguard and synthesis of the white races, and hence forms the best foundation for the spiritual upheaval I will bring about in the near future. America has tremendous energy, but most of this energy is misdirected. I intend to divert it into spiritual and creative channels.

"I am now going to California for a few days. From there I must go to the Far East for one day for spiritual reasons. But I will be back in California by the end of June, and then I will speak on June 29th. But if I should be delayed, I will return on July 12th and speak on July 13th.

"When I speak, there will be many proofs of my spiritual power, and of my ability to bestow Illumination. People will then realise that Truth, which is the source of all love and existence, rules supreme in all departments of life.

"My work and aims are intensely practical. It is not practical to over-emphasise the material at the cost of the spiritual. It is not practical to have spiritual ideals without putting them into practice. But to realise the ideal in daily life, to give a beautiful and adequate form to the living spirit, to make brotherhood a fact - not merely a theory as at present - this is being practical in the truest sense of the word.

"My work will arouse great enthusiasm and a certain amount of opposition. That is inevitable. But spiritual work is strengthened by opposition, and so it will be with mine. It is like shooting an arrow from a bow. The more you pull the bow-string towards you, the swifter the arrow speeds to its goal."

Meher Baba, 22 May 1932,
part of a message read out by Meredith Starr at a reception at
88 Grove Street, New York, Me p88-90
Other versions: PM p169-171, LM5 p1626-1627

Q. What do you hope to accomplish in the United States?

Baba: A general spiritual awakening which will affect the whole of mankind, and will eliminate depression and dissatisfaction existing in the world today.

30 May 1932, Los Angeles,
interview with a reporter, LM5 p1648

Meher Baba sent this message to his followers in America when he cancelled his engagement to speak at the Hollywood Bowl:

"The whole world will know and recognise me as Jesus returned once I speak."

June or July 1932,
Hawaii? LM5 p1670

"... America, being the most deeply engrossed in material things, and suffering the most in consequence, is the soil on which a new spiritual rebirth will first take place.

"America requires only the guiding hand of a Master to redirect its material powers to the heights of spirituality."

Meher Baba, 26 January 1933,
Bandarawela, Ceylon
to a reporter for the Ceylon Observer, LM5 p1757
Baba visits the Direct Agent for America
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 17 December 1934

"The train to California makes one stop of one-half hour at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Baba got off the train and walked up and down the long brick platform. I was with him. He wrote something on the palm of his hand - 'Indian.'

"I thought, what shall I do? Baba wants to see some Indians, and where shall I find any? I pointed to an old squaw sitting in front of one of the shops that border the station. Baba motioned to his four Indian disciples, pulled my arm through his, and off we went toward the end of the long station platform. He turned abruptly and continued up a street as if he knew exactly where he was going.

"At that time I had not arrived at the state of mind which leaves everything to Baba. I was still thinking of myself, and I thought, my, we have only half an hour here, and where is Baba going, hunting for Indians, we may miss the train...

"Baba, of course, knew what I was thinking. After walking about two blocks, I saw two Indians standing at the corner. One was very tall and fat, dressed in shirt and trousers and a band of red tied around his forehead. The other one was short and was selling small bows and arrows. I was delighted and I said to Baba, 'Here are two Indians.'

"The small Indian walked away, and Baba stood before the tall one, and they looked at each other. I murmured something about wondering whether he spoke English, but no one paid any attention to me. The Indian disciples said nothing, and in the back of my head I was thinking about the train. Suddenly Baba turned abruptly, again put my arm through his, and we returned to the train just in time. The whole thing was so strange that I asked Baba if he knew that the Indian would be there, and Baba nodded yes - and on his board he said, 'One of my Agents.' "

Ruano Bogislav,
Aw 3:3 p3-4, also HM p729

"Baba has explained that this is one of the very rare direct Agents; he is the direct Agent for America. In 1934, when Baba and a few of his disciples were on their way to California, the train stopped at Albuquerque for a short time. Baba spelt out the word 'Indian' on the palm of his hand, and went with Ruano away from the station into a small street nearby. At a street corner they noticed two American Indians; one was selling bows and arrows, and he walked away as soon as Baba approached. The other, a tall, impressive figure with a red band tied round his head, stayed where he was, and for a few moments Baba and he stood facing one another, each looking intently into the other's eyes. Baba then abruptly walked back to the station."

William Donkin,
Wa p373

"Once on the train, Ruano narrated the incident to the others, and Baba commented about the Indian, 'He is one of my Agents. He is the direct Agent in charge of America.' Baba later explained that he was an Agent of the fourth plane - one of four in the world with miraculous powers."

Bhau Kalchuri,
LM6 p1934

(Direct Agents get their instructions directly from the Avatar. If necessary, they can perform miracles for the Avatar, as he rarely performs them himself. W p373)

Darwin Shaw wrote Baba in 1935 about starting a retreat for him in the United States. Baba replied,

"Whether that retreat on earth is established or not, I do really appreciate the spirit of love and brotherhood that has been awakened, and consider it as a spiritual retreat already established within, which is much more substantial and real than any earthly home or structure.

"The true spirit is there, already awakened, and if it is fostered and kept up with warm feelings of love and brotherhood, it will eventually bear results that will be helpful in the development of spiritual understanding of life and things pertaining to life. And wherever such spirit of love and brotherhood exists, inner light and guidance invariably follow."

14 August 1935, Meherabad, LM6 p1969

"Don't you know me after so many years of contact? One who does not care for the world, and publicly declares in America, 'I will come here and speak,' and does not - don't you understand him yet?

"I do not care what the world will think or say. I will do anything for the sake of my work. Even if the whole world goes against me, I will do what I have to do. But all in its time. I will teach and strike, both.

Meher Baba, December 1939,
Bangalore, LM7 p2484-2485

"America will play a very great part in the battle of humanity in the future."

Meher Baba, 15 March 1941,
Quetta, LM7 p2682


Meher Baba visited the United States from April 20th to July 31st, 1952. He was accompanied by Mehera, Mani Meheru, Goher, Rano and Kitty.

Baba and the women landed at Idlewild Airport in New York City at 6.35 am. April 20th. They continued on to the Meher Center near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina by train and car. They were joined a few days later by Nilu, Adi Sr., Gustadji, Sarosh, Donkin and Meherjee.

"I will tell you why you feel happy here. Those who are connected with me ought to feel happy here for two reasons. Ages ago, this was a place where Baba visited, moved about and stayed, and the combination of the lake, ocean and the woods gives it a unique atmosphere."

Meher Baba, April 1952,
Meher Center, Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina, GG3 p49

Toni Roothbert: I think, as you well know, you will do extraordinary work in the United States.

Meher Baba: America now leads the material side of the universe, and has such infinite possibilities that it can lead the world spiritually, if awakened.

Toni: Under the surface, and unknown, there is great longing for spirituality.

Baba: And what is needed for this awakening is love for whatever God one likes. In the form of Jesus crucified, or another. God will do it. He can do it. And now the time is near, very near, when this spiritual upliftment has to take place. Yes, absolutely. It has to be, and will be.

Toni: So that the terrible catastrophe which is over-hanging the world can be avoided?

Baba: It is reaching its climax. Then there will be a change.

Toni: Will the climax be war, or can war be avoided?

Baba: I know about it all. But be sure of one thing: America is destined to lead the world spiritually.

Toni: Those who love God will be the prey...

Baba: Truth never fails, and lovers of God will soon triumph. I am happy. I see that you are a genuine lover of God.

Toni: In this country, unfortunately, the youth are not taught about spirituality. A youth does not even get ethical education.

Baba: Yes. But be sure these very youths, who now know not of God, but know only to eat, drink, be merry and do lustful actions, will soon get the shock of their lives, and know that only loving God is real life.

16 May 1952, Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina, LM11 p3823

Another version of the same interview:

America now leads the material side of the world, and yet has such potential that she can lead the world spiritually, if awakened. Awakening is love for God in the form of Jesus, God crucified. And God will do it. He can do it. And now the time is near, very near, when the spiritual upliftment has to take place. America is destined to lead the world spiritually. Truth never fails, and lovers of God will soon triumph.

In this country at present, unfortunately, the youth is not taught spirituality. Youth is not even given ethical education. But be sure that these very youths who know not of God, but know only to eat, drink, be merry and do lustful actions, will soon get the shock of their lives, and know that loving God is life, real life, the goal of life.

Meher Baba, 16 May 1952,
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,
to Toni Roothbert, GG3 p42

I think the first of these two quotes, the one from Lord Meher, is probably the more accurate.


"After his visit to the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach in early May 1952, Baba and some companions started to drive across the United States to California in two cars. Just outside of Prague, Oklahoma, Baba's car was involved in a collision with a car driven by a paraplegic. Baba, his closest woman disciple, Mehera, and Elizabeth Patterson, the driver, were seriously injured. After treatment at the Prague hospital, Baba and his party returned to Myrtle Beach to recuperate."

Bili Eaton, AL p15

The accident took place Saturday May 24, 1952. Ned Burleson, the doctor who treated them, observed:

'When I finally got around to treating Baba, I was surprised to see an individual who was injured as badly as he was still smiling. I was also astounded to find that he did not speak a word or make any sound denoting discomfort.'

Baba told Ivy Duce, 'You must understand that this was God's will, and it will result in benefit to the whole world.'

Baba dictated a message on June 13th at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which read in part:

"The personal disaster, for some years foretold by me, has at last happened while crossing the American continent - causing me through facial injuries, a broken leg and a broken arm, much mental and physical suffering.

"It was necessary that it should happen in America. God willed it so."

On another occasion, he commented, 'America has been wanting my blood for a long time.'

LA p400, LC p15-16, HM p95-102

He explained later, "I got my physical bones broken so as to break the backbone of the material aspect of the machine age, while keeping intact its spiritual aspect."

(5 February 1959, Ahmednagar, AO p173)

Baba left the United States Monday July 30, 1952, on a Pan American Airlines flight to London.

"When I was in America, people asked me when I would break my silence. I in turn asked them, 'If my silence cannot speak, of what avail would be speeches made by the tongue?'

"When God thinks my speaking would be heard universally, he will make me break my silence. However, silence or no silence, he who would deeply ponder over the truth which I declare shall eventually be initiated into the life eternal."

Meher Baba, India, November 1952, Aw 5:4 p35.Also GM p199
For accounts of Baba's visit to America in 1952, see M p206-211,
GG2, GM p201-204, HM p82-135, and LM11 p3778-3885.


Baba visited the United States again in 1956. He arrived in New York July 20th, and left August 7th from San Francisco.

"I feel very happy to be with you all today. It is your devotion that has made me come to the West during the period of my seclusion. If anything ever touches my universal heart, it is love. I have crossed the limited earthly oceans to bring to you all the limitless and shoreless ocean of divine love.

"Those who do not dare to love me seek safety on the shores. You who love me are swimming in this divine ocean. Love me more and more till you get drowned in me. Dive deep and you will gain the priceless pearl of infinite oneness."

Meher Baba, 22 July 1956,
New York, Aw 4:2 p33

Q. Have you heard of an American evangelist by the name of Billy Graham? Have you met and spoken with him?

Baba: No.

Q. Have you heard of his work?

Baba: I know.

Q. Can you tell us what you think of his work?

Baba: Any work done in the name of God or Lord Jesus is a good work. But it must be done sincerely, honestly, without taking any pride in it, without wanting to profit through it.

23 July 1956, New York, Aw 4:3 p18
in answer to a reporter's questions at a press conference

While waiting for a television crew, Baba sat with a number of people in the barn at the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach. This is a transcription of some of what was said, from a tape recording made at the time.

Baba: I want you all to listen very carefully to what I say. It appears so simple, yet it is so very important for my lovers.

To love me is to lose yourself in me. And to find me as your own self is to leave all your pleasures and all your pains to me. What does that mean?

Woman: Very simple. Just leave everything to Baba.

Baba: Everything. And - remain happy. Leave your pleasures to me, leave your pains to me, and then you remain free. But it is a great thing, a difficult thing.

Say you have three children, and all three of them die at one stroke. Naturally, what can you say? You must not only say, but feel 'I leave all this to Baba. It is his wish it is his pleasure.'

Kabir said a nice thing. This morning when I was strolling here, I asked Eruch to write it down.

(Eruch, then Adi, read out the verse in Hindi)

Eruch: Kabir was a Perfect Master. All over India, people revere him. He said this to his own Master. I will give you the English translation. Baba translated it this morning.

    Nothing that I have belongs to me.

    All that I have belongs to you.

    What will I lose if I surrender to you what belongs to you?

Baba: That is what I want to tell my lovers. Your pains and your pleasures - leave them all to me.


Baba: I come down to your level to such an extent that I mix with you all...

I appear to be gay, cheerful, playful. You have no idea of my divinity, my all-pervading state...

I have the greatest sense of humor, like Krishna. That sense of humor should not mislead you or make you forget who I really am. Don't mix me up as one of you. It is possible only for the saints and those on the higher Path, the real saints of high consciousness, to know me a little. If you had just a glimpse of me, you would lose your bodily consciousness completely.

I am like a child, playful, free, and also like an old man. I am soft as butter and hard as steel, simultaneously. Only those who love me sincerely, with all their hearts, can know me a little. Mind can never know me. Mind can never touch me. I am beyond that, beyond mind.

Here we are all sitting, waiting patiently for the television people to come. For me, this is all immaterial. I do not like being bound by programs or such, but I do get myself bound because of your love. My lovers try to see that people in the world come to know of me. They learn the truth that I bring with me, and they try their best in one way or another... They have fixed this TV program. Therefore I don't mind even getting myself bound, though I do not like to be bound. Of course, you all have to wait patiently with me. There is no chance of leaving... Even if you feel thirsty, simply keep quiet about it...

I asked Don to be here in ten minutes. He said, 'Yes, Baba, ten minutes.' I think - not less than thirty minutes. Whenever I ask anyone here how long you will take to do this or that, you simply say, 'Baba, just a minute', 'Baba, wait a minute and I'll be doing that'. 'Just five minutes, Baba, and I will be coming.' And I know simply to multiply by five.

I had a center at Toka, forty miles from Ahmednagar. There were many boys in the center. There's a book about it.* A separate section was for the boys. The grown up Mandali were also there, and the women Mandali, each in a separate section. It was a very big colony, about 500 people altogether. And I used to stay in the big table. Some of you have seen the table at Meherabad. There is a small cabin underneath the table, and at that time I used to live in it.

For days together I used to remain on fast, sometimes only on plain water, sometimes taking coffee. Of course, I was not in seclusion. At that time I would allow people to come near me. They used to come just for my darshan, as we say in India, to see and meet me, to receive my blessings and love. I used to be very active, although remaining there in the cabin under the table.

Once it happened a man came there, dressed in a yellow robe, with beads, a long rosary in his hand, a beard. In India you find many like that, hermits. We call them mahatmas, sadhus. The sign is a long beard, a long robe, a rosary, and a necklace of beads.

He came to me and said, 'Baba, I surrender to you.' As he approached me he prostrated himself and said, 'All that I have, I surrender to you.' I said, 'All right, good.' Then he left.

The next day he came again with his wife and seven children. And he said, 'Baba, here is all that I have. I surrender them to you.'

The poor fellow was starving. He couldn't earn anything or feed his family. In India, the sign for those who are on the spiritual Path is that they surrender tun, mun and dhun - body, mind and life. He knew that when one approaches a spiritually Perfect master, it is customary to say, 'I surrender all,' that is, body, mind and possessions. So I said, 'All right, I am pleased.' And the next day, he brings all his possessions.

Now who are the six persons who have not received prasad? In India, people receive prasad with great reverence, knowing that it's a gift of God to man, a gift of love from God to man. Who can catch?

26 July 1956, Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina, Aw 4:4 p18-20
*Sobs and Throbs, by Ramjoo Abdulla

In a discussion of groups of his followers in the United States, Baba explained,

"What I want is love, and to make others know about truth... what I say about truth and love for humanity. So naturally you have groups and offices. Everything should be done in harmony. Each group should cooperate with each other.

"If someone belongs to the Sufis today, and wants to join John Bass' group, he can do so. But if he then tells John his group is hopeless, useless, and goes back to the Sufis and condemns John's group, the grace of my love is set aside. I don't like backbiting, criticism, confusion, which creates misunderstanding and confusion...

"If you want to change groups, do it, but do not keep going back and forth."

Sam Cohen asked Baba,

"Suppose one feels that meditating by oneself is service? I like to visit the Monday group, but not all the time."

Baba answered,

"I would like you all to belong to certain groups. Why? Because you can cooperate and tell others about me and share your thoughts. You learn much more than when you remain by yourself.

"When you listen, exchange thoughts, prayers, my presence is there. Where there are five collected together, Parameshwar is there, I am there. If you are talking of me, having love for me, then there I am... Is it all clear?"

Bili Eaton asked how they should conduct the meetings.

Baba replied, "Why be bound by my instructions? Be free."

29 July 1956, Myrtle Beach, Aw 4:4 p31-32
Another version: HM p264-265
For more of this discussion, see Notes: Work for Baba

Visiting Meher Mount in Ojai, California in 1956, Baba "said the land was very old, and he had been here before"

Filis Frederick,
Gl Aug. 1994 p21

The book LIFE AT ITS BEST contains a number of messages Baba gave in America in 1956. An account of Baba's 1956 trip to America was published in the Awakener Magazine, 4:2, 4:3, 4:4.

"Now I will tell you about an incident. During my recent visit to America, a gentleman, who has been staying in America for a long time, remained by my side during some of my programs, and particularly when the films and photographs were being taken. This gentleman has studied and intellectually grasped what I have said, but misused it. From one of the letters from the U.S.A., I hear that this gentleman has started telling people that he is Baba's representative. Those who know me for so many years are not affected. But the new lovers, though educated, are very much impressed and flock around him. Just see how even the Westerners are misled.

"What is the remedy for this? I will tell it now. It will be very useful only if you grasp it thoroughly. If all of you are convinced that Baba is the Avatar, God incarnate, the question of confusion does not arise at all. In this case, just hold fast to my damaan* and close all doors for confusion and conflict to enter your minds. If you are not convinced, leave me. Seek someone else. But if you try to stick to me with a wavering mind, without being convinced of my divinity, you will be just like a nut caught in the crusher."

Meher Baba, May 19 or June 7, 1957,
Guruprasad Poona, Aw 5:4 p22-32
For more of this talk, see Notes: Saints
*damaan: the hem of the Master's robe


Baba's last visit to the United States was in 1958. He arrived in New York by plane May 17th, and left June 1st from San Francisco. For accounts of this trip, see GM p295-342 and HM p305-321.

"Tell my American lovers that although they are physically far away from me, spiritually they are nearer to me than to themselves, and they are all very dear to me."

Meher Baba, November 1959, Meherazad
to Harry Kenmore, AO p174

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