Book Two

"... This journey may be compared to a personal inspection tour of a state by a king to see how his work is progressing at different places. When I was on a walk this evening, a man on duty here gave up his charge to me in a very peculiar way. We saw a man who looked like a sadhu, wearing only a langoti, coming straight toward us from the opposite direction. When he passed us, he gave me a flower, folded his hands to me, turned and walked straight back from where he had come.

"Neither while coming to us, nor while going away, did he look forward, backward or sideways, but he walked with his eyes straight ahead, without minding anything in the surroundings. His eyes were very bright, like Ramakrishna's.

"It is such men who really know me. And they do their entrusted duties lovingly and pleasingly. Such a life is worth living. On the other hand, there are hundreds who come to me with their hundreds of worldly problems. They do not really come to me, but keep their distance by harboring their thousands of desires.

"It was quite a peculiar sight to see, as those who were with me will tell you; this thin, feeble, crazy-looking sadhu coming straight ahead toward us, making a reverential bow, then giving me a flower and walking straight back without so much as glancing sideways. It was a sight. And more strange to see was that after the man disappeared, everyone who noticed us, Hindu and Muslim alike, would also fold his hands to us..."

Meher Baba,
18 July 1929,
LM4 p1177

"Every country has my Agents, and according to my wish, they work internally towards the goal."

Meher Baba,
28 May 1930,
LM4 p1315

"... I am the emperor of the spiritual kingdom, and every second receive inner reports and messages from my Agents in every corner of the world. Because of the troublesome times we are facing, I am inwardly receiving only distressing reports, such as the conflict between China and Japan. Such news pours in every moment from various parts of the world, and I have to issue inner instructions to my Agents.

"You cannot see this outwardly, as I simultaneously manage an infinite number of things inwardly unknown to anyone. However, the effect of my work does appear outwardly. For example, you may find me suddenly and quite abruptly in a bad mood. One moment I may look happy in a jolly mood; the very next you may find me serious, irritable and morose. All this depends on the reports I receive, and I have to plan my work according to them.

"Or suppose I am quite happily having tea, and at that moment I am inwardly informed that someone in India is passing through a great crisis. At that time, I send out a message in reply on how to cope with or remedy the situation. And while doing that, my mood will change so that I will appear absent from my present surroundings..."

Meher Baba,
15 October 1930,
Milan, Italy
to Enid Corfe and Theo,
LM4 p1458

When I work like this, a meeting of large numbers of my Agents is held, but you cannot see them with your Gross eyes. Sometimes, though, you can hear a rumble like boot steps.

12 July 1934, Fallenfluh, Switzerland, LM6 p1901

An Agent near Mount Generoso, Switzerland (3 May 1932)

"Another interesting day was spent at Mount Generoso, on the snow, actually. From the height we were able to look down on three lakes, Lugano, Como and Lucerne. A beautiful spot. We left by boat about 9 a.m. from our hotel, taking lunch with us. It was a perfect day. It would seem to us that it was just by accident that we took that boat, but wait and see. It was no accident, but fate!

"On a bench opposite us sat an old Swiss labourer, tall, well-built, homely, and in workman's clothes. He sat opposite Baba for about an hour. He left the boat at a little harbor on the lake, en route. As he left the boat and on landing, he turned around and smiled at Baba, and then almost danced along the road.

"Later, Baba asked us if we had remarked anything about this man. Some said they had observed how he kept looking at Baba and Baba at him, and that he tapped in a peculiar way with his stick on the ground. Then Baba explained that this man was an Agent of his. Baba repeated he had come here for a complete rest from work, and to do this he must hand over his work temporarily to someone else; and this he had done this morning to the man we had seen, his Agent. They spoke to each other only by the tapping of the stick and a kind of inward recognition that was understood, and at that moment Baba raised this labourer from the second or third plane to the fourth or fifth. This was necessary or he could not have taken over the work Baba was giving him to do."

Kitty Davy,
Aw 12:1 p 21-22
Another version: LA p58

"A borrowed Agent. Baba and his group were on a steamer on the lake of Lugano. There was an old man dressed in simple, poor clothes on the opposite side of the deck, whom Baba pointed out as one of his Agents. One of the group asked how he should know this. Baba then took Dr. Ghani's walking stick and asked those about him if they would believe him should the old man tap his stick in the same way that Baba tapped Dr. Ghani's stick.

"Baba then tapped Dr. Ghani's stick two or three times on the deck in a special way, and the old man, though he was not looking at Baba at the time, tapped his stick in exactly the same way. Baba then tapped again in a different way, and the old man again copied his taps exactly. This was done finally a third time, and again repeated exactly. Baba later sent someone to him with a piece of bread and butter, which he ate."

William Donkin, Wa p374

"He was my Agent. I have come here for complete rest, and in order to do that, I must temporarily hand over the work to someone else. This morning I have done that with this man. I had to raise him from between the second and third plane, to between the fourth and fifth, so that he could take on the work I am giving him.

"The transfer of my work must take place either in a thick jungle, on a high mountain, on water, or in a crowd. That is why he smiled, looked at me, and went off. You should have noticed how he answered my taps with his stick on the boat, by giving properly timed taps with his stick in reply to mine.

"This Agent of mine is married, but none of his family has any idea of his spiritual status. There are very few adepts - those between the third and sixth plane - in Europe. There is only one on the seventh plane; he is one of the 56 God-conscious souls on earth. There is also one person of the sixth plane in Europe. These adepts are still nothing compared to my Circle members. Those of my Circle will all be of the seventh plane. They have been doing my dictates for ages..."

Meher Baba, 3 May 1932,
Mount Generoso, Switzerland,
LM5 p1601-1603

An Agent at Harvan, Kashmir (20 April 1933)

"It was while returning from Harvan that a man, close-shaven, small in stature and very scantily clad, rushed out from the side path and started running after our tonga (horse-drawn carriage), singing and dancing in high glee. To all appearances he seemed a harmless madman, and was taken as such by all the neighborhood, especially attracting the delighted children. This man recognised Baba, hence his ecstatic behavior. Baba smiled at him. I recall he restrained one of us from giving him money, and warned us not to laugh at what seemed strange behavior.

"Later Baba told us he was a borrowed Agent of his in Kashmir, and that he had to appear mad in order to carry on his spiritual work. Baba also said that there were three other Agents in Kashmir, all old men, and not of the mad type."

Kitty Davy, LA p99

"Returning from Harwan, the bus stopped at Shalimar Gate. Boys rushed to ask us for baksheesh.* Also there came a man with closely shaven head, small in stature, who danced around as if he were mad. Baba restrained one of the girls from giving him money. Later he told us that he was one of his four Agents in Kashmir, and he appeared mad so that he could carry on his work. He was the type of Agent that could disappear and appear in another place miles away at will, an Abdal. There are three other Agents in Kashmir, all old men, and not of the mad type."

Elizabeth Patterson,
HM p459
*baksheesh = alms

"When they were passing the gate of the famous Shalimar Gardens on their way back from Harvan, they noticed a short, thin man with a closely-shaven head. His face was the epitome of a grimace, and he was playing the giddy-goat with a crowd of children, who were enjoying his fun immensely. He came up to Baba, stretching out his hands and laughing, and Baba smiled at him and made gestures back at him. Baba later explained that he was a borrowed Agent, who had the capacity to project his body to any place, i.e. he was an Abdal, and that he specially worked amongst children and young people."

William Donkin,
Wa p273-274

"As they were returning from Harvan, a short, scantily clad man rushed out singing and dancing from a side path and began to run after their car. Baba smiled at him. One of the women wished to give him money, but Baba restrained her. He warned them, 'Do not laugh at what seems to be strange behavior. He is not mad.' Baba later informed the group, 'He is a borrowed Agent who has to appear mad in order to carry out his spiritual work. There are three other Agents in Kashmir, all old men, and not the mad type."'

Bhau Kalchuri,
LM5 p1770

An Agent in Rome (7 July 1933)

"Baba said that he had important work to do in Rome... He told us that among the thousands of spiritual Agents in the world, there are four who are concerned with the destinies of continents and races... Under them are many subordinates on the first through fourth planes; some are conscious and some are unconscious of their spiritual functions. They carry out the tasks allotted to them, and it is only those on the lowest planes who directly affect the visible universe.

"The European Agent lives in Rome; outwardly he lives a normal life - he is married, and none could guess his great spiritual position. Baba said that a necessary preliminary to his world manifestation was that he should meet in the physical body these four chief Agents...

"That afternoon Baba went to a famous cafe, Aragno al Corso. It is the central point of Rome and much traffic passes by. Baba watched the people and the cars and talked with Minta and Norina who were sitting on either side of him. Suddenly he was 'absent' but some of the party did not recognise the change and continued to chatter to him. Afterwards he told us that the chief Agent had passed by in an automobile, the meeting had taken place - no further or closer contact was necessary. Several individuals stared at Baba while we were seated at the cafe."

Herbert Davy,
LA p103

"That afternoon, after seeing some visitors, Baba went to a famous cafe - Aragno al Corso - where for centuries politicians and men of affairs were accustomed to sit and talk. It is the central point of Rome and much traffic passes by. Our tables were on the pavement, we ate rolls, cakes and lemon-water ices. Baba watched the people and the cars, and talked with M. and N. who were sitting on either side of him. Suddenly he was absent, the balloon had soared into the air. Some of the party did not recognise the change, and continued to chatter to him. Several people stared at Baba while we were seated at the cafe."

Herbert Davy?
PM p209

"After the interview, Baba and the group went to the Aragno al Corso, a famous cafe and well-known gathering place where politicians and persons in various walks of life sit and discuss the issues of the day over cups of espresso. The cafe is located in the very busy center of Rome. They sat down at the sidewalk tables and ordered sweet rolls, cakes and lemon ices. Baba watched as the crowds and traffic passed by, gesturing with Minta and Norina sitting at his side. As they sat there enjoying themselves, a heavy middle-aged man with blond hair drove by them very slowly in a red Fiat sportscar convertible.

"Baba later explained that this was his direct Agent in Europe, referring to him as 'Christiano.' Baba remarked that the indirect Agent whom Herbert had contacted in Warsaw took orders from Christiano, who lived in Rome with his wife, but she knew nothing of his spiritual status. Suddenly, Baba was absent from them, and they all turned toward him and sat still. His eyelids flickered open after awhile and he stood up, indicating that it was time to leave."

Bhau Kalchuri,
LM5 p1785

"He is the direct Agent for Europe. Baba and a group of his disciples were in the Aragno al Corso. This man drove very slowly past in a Fiat car, driving the car himself. He was a fattish, middle-aged, blonde-headed man, looking apparently a typical inconspicuous bourgeois citizen. Baba explained that he lived in Rome and had a wife who knew nothing of his spiritual status. Baba calls this direct Agent for Europe 'Christiano."'

William Donkin,
Wa p374

An Agent at Albuquerque, N. Mexico (17 Dec. 1934)

"The train to California makes one stop of one-half hour at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Baba got off the train and walked up and down the long brick platform. I was with him. He wrote something on the palm of his hand - 'Indian.'

"I thought, what shall I do? Baba wants to see some Indians, and where shall I find any? I pointed to an old squaw sitting in front of one of the shops that border the station. Baba motioned to his four Indian disciples, pulled my arm through his, and off we went toward the end of the long station platform. He turned abruptly and continued up a street as if he knew exactly where he was going.

"At that time I had not arrived at the state of mind which leaves everything to Baba. I was still thinking of myself, and I thought, my, we have only half an hour here, and where is Baba going, hunting for Indians, we may miss the train...

"Baba, of course, knew what I was thinking. After walking about two blocks, I saw two Indians standing at the corner. One was very tall and fat, dressed in shirt and trousers and a band of red tied around his forehead. The other one was short and was selling small bows and arrows. I was delighted and I said to Baba, 'Here are two Indians.'

"The small Indian walked away, and Baba stood before the tall one, and they looked at each other. I murmured something about wondering whether he spoke English, but no one paid any attention to me. The Indian disciples said nothing, and in the back of my head I was thinking about the train. Suddenly Baba turned abruptly, again put my arm through his, and we returned to the train just in time. The whole thing was so strange that I asked Baba if he knew that the Indian would be there, and Baba nodded yes - and on his board he said, 'One of my Agents."'

Ruano Bogislav,
Aw 3:3 p3-4, also HM p729

"Baba has explained that this is one of the very rare direct Agents; he is the direct Agent for America. In 1934, when Baba and a few of his disciples were on their way to California, the train stopped at Albuquerque for a short time. Baba spelt out the word 'Indian' on the palm of his hand, and went with Ruano away from the station into a small street nearby. At a street corner they noticed two American Indians; one was selling bows and arrows, and he walked away as soon as Baba approached. The other, a tall, impressive figure with a red band tied round his head, stayed where he was, and for a few moments Baba and he stood facing one another, each looking intently into the other's eyes. Baba then abruptly walked back to the station."

William Donkin,
Wa p373

"Once on the train, Ruano narrated the incident to the others, and Baba commented about the Indian, 'He is one of my Agents. He is the direct Agent in charge of America.' Baba later explained that he was an Agent of the fourth plane - one of four in the world with miraculous powers."

Bhau Kalchuri,
LM6 p1934

About Baba's explanation of 20 April 1933 in the chapter AGENTS:

Descent means descent from the infinite into the finite, when the soul descends unconsciously through the Mental and Subtle worlds, eventually reaching the physical. Ascent is the soul's return to the infinite back through the Subtle and Mental worlds, this time consciously. These explanations were accompanied by a diagram, which is printed in HM p459.

For more about Agents, see Wa p373-375, and HM p458-463, 728-732.

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