Meher Baba

Garrett Fort: Is there really the place known as Shambala, the Astral centre where the Masters dwell in disembodied form?

Baba: It is presumed that you already know that planes are not places. The state and stage connoting Shambala exists. There is difference of terminology only. This is also known as Vidnyan.

Garrett Fort: Are there seven rays as told about in the occult books, and are there Masters who function on these respective rays, such as Jesus, who stands on what is called the sixth ray of devotion, or abstract realism; the Master Djwal Khul on the second ray of love/wisdom; the Master Hilarion on the fifth ray of concrete knowledge or science, the incarnation of Paul of Tarsus, this time in a Cretan body and spending much time in Egypt?

Baba: The seven rays with their peculiar characteristics are a symbolic expression of the seven stages of the return journey of a Realised soul to normal consciousness. Those Realised beings who have a duty to perform and a mission to fulfill, have to come down to normal consciousness and take their stand at one of the seven stages of the return journey best suited for the fulfillment of their task. These seven stages of the return journey have their peculiar features and characteristics, and reflect the outward circumstances of a Master. For instance, one Master lives on earth like a prince, another lives in all austerity. One is in the midst of the busy world, another in seclusion. The powers are peculiar to different stages. For instance, healing of diseases and bringing of the dead to life is characteristic of the fourth stage.

Garrett Fort: Where is the Hall of Learning of which I have read, where those on the Path are taken as they progress to take the first few initiations? Books allegedly dictated by Hilarion describe it impressively, telling of the great host of souls who stand within it, veiled, thinking themselves alone until their veils are raised with various initiations. Here take place the ceremonies of the soul that begin in December and last until Easter. Is all this true, or just told as symbolism?

Baba: Hall of Learning is pure symbolism. It is analogous to Islamic belief and picture of Darbare Muhammadi, i.e. the court of Muhammad. The inner court presided over by Muhammad in person, and the outer court presided over by deputies, and the outermost court consisting of those prepared souls clamoring for entry, is similar to the picture drawn by Hilarion, as you say.

A p26-28,
also T p195-197

"Qutub in Sufism means Center. That Center controls the whole universe through his Agents. Meetings are held, but these meetings cannot be seen with the physical eye."

7 February 1937
LM6 p2091

"There are 56 Perfect Ones in the world at all times. They are always one in consciousness. They are always different in function. For the most part, they live and work apart from and unknown to the general public. But five, who act in a sense as a directing body, always work in public, and attain to public prominence and importance. They are known as Sadgurus or Perfect Masters. In Avataric periods, the Avatar, as a supreme Sadguru, takes his place as the head of this body, and of the spiritual hierarchy as a whole."

1938, India, Di v1 p3

The Spiritual Hierarchy Book Two

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