La Sangha Bunnysattva

La Bunnysattva reveille le sentiment et l'attirance vers les choses sublimes
et vers l'Amour Divin chez celui qui prend contact avec la Bunnysattva

The feeling and inspiration for things sublime, and divine love
are imparted by the Bunnysattva to everyone she meets.


Oscar Luft-hansa a etudie Buddhism depuis les annees 1930 au-dessous de trois gurus. En 1997 la Bunnysattva demande lui pour presenter des exposes preliminaires a Paris. Chaque entretien sera environ une heure, suivie des questions et des reponses, une meditation du vingt minute, le cappuccino et les croissants. Tous les entretiens ont lieu au CENTRE POUR BROAD BUDDHISM, 16 rue Georges Gurdjieff, et commencent a 7 P.M. Il n'y a aucun honoraire.

Samedi, le 25 juillet
MEDITATION: La plupart D'Amusement Que Vous Aurez Jamais
Oscar parlera de trois des formes les plus simples de la meditation, cela que vous pouvez faire a la maison sans risque sans n'importe quelle formation speciale.

Samedi, le 1er août
BUDDHISM DANS L'OUEST: Une Breve Histoire.
Oscar dira des histoires dans des premiers professeurs bouddhistes l'Europe et l'Amerique. Il projette egalement parler de la scne spirituelle aujour d'hui, en France et dans d'autres pays occidentaux.

Samedi, le 8 août
LA VOIE D'ACCES DE L'ACTION: Comment vivre dans le monde.
La voie d'acces de l'action, egalement connue sous le nom de karma-yoga, est une voie de la vie dans le monde tout en etant detache de tous les resultats de ses actions. Oscar expliquera les details et donnera des exemples des vies de grand karma-yogis.

Samedi, le 15 août
La relation de la voie d'acces bouddhiste a d'autres voies:
Toutes les voies d'acces spirituelles veritables menent au meme but: union avec la verite finale, eclaircissement parfait. Oscar dira par que les diverses voies d'acces ont separe pour commencer, comment leurs dispositifs superposent et different, et donnent quelques suggestions sur la facon dont choisir des quelles sont pour vous.

Samedi, le 22 août
Mila-raspa (Milarepa) etait un etudiant du Marpa principal le traducteur. Par la grace de Marpa, il a realise l'etat le plus eleve de conscience et est devenu un avec Buddha. Oscar dira au sujet de la vie et des enseignements de Mila, et parle de ce qu'elles pourraient signifier pour nous aujourd'hui.

Samedi le 29 août
Un scripture etrange et fascinant, 'La Sutra Bunnysattva,' a ete decouvert il y a deux ans au Thibet. Jusqu'ici, environ 300 pages ont ete traduites en anglais. Oscar parlera du fond de cet enseignement rare, et dit au sujet de ses propres reunions avec la Bunnysattva.

Samedi, le 5 septembre
Emma Sirani, qui avait prepare la version anglaise du Sutra pour la publication, lira de ce scripture sacre et repondra a toutes les questions que vous pouvez avoir. Si vous voudriez une copie d'ordinateur, apportez une disquette.

Samedi, le 12 septembre
Oscar continuera sa discussion de la conscience et du travail des ma”tres realises, et en particulier leur connaissance infinie, qui leur permet d'aider tous les etres a avancer vers la verite.

Samedi, le 17 septembre
En cela, le bout des entretiens d'ete, Oscar indiquera au sujet du plan spirituel pour le siecle a venir, et comment nous pouvons aider la hierarchie pour provoquer la confrerie universelle et pour encourager l'aspiration spirituelle.


Oscar Luft-Hansa has studied Buddhism since the 1930s under three spiritual teachers. In 1997 the Bunnysattva asked him to give introductory talks in Paris. Each talk will be about an hour, followed by questions and answers, a twenty minute group meditation, cappuccino and croissants. All talks take place at the CENTER FOR BROAD BUDDHISM, 16 Rue Georges Gurdjieff, and begin at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome. There is no charge, and no collection is taken.

Saturday, July 25th
MEDITATION: The Most Fun You Will Ever Have
Oscar will talk about three of the simplest forms of meditation, that you can do at home safely without any special training.

Saturday, August 1st
Oscar will tell stories of the earliest Buddhist teachers in Europe and America. He also plans to talk about the spiritual scene today, both in France and in other western countries.

Saturday, August 8th
THE PATH OF ACTION: How to Live in the World
The Path of Action, also known as Karma-Yoga, is a way of living in the world while being detached from all the results of one's actions. Oscar will explain the details and give examples from the lives of great Karma-Yogis.

Saturday, August 15th
The Relation of the Buddhist Path to Other Ways
All genuine spiritual paths lead to the same goal: union with the ultimate Truth, perfect Enlightenment. Oscar will tell how the various paths separated to begin with, how their features overlap and differ, and give some suggestions on how to choose which one is for you.

Saturday, August 22nd
Mila-raspa (Milarepa) was a student of the Master Marpa the Translator. By the grace of Marpa, he realised the highest state of consciousness and became one with Buddha. Oscar will tell about Mila's life and teachings, and talk about what they might mean for us today.

Saturday August 29th
A strange and fascinating scripture, The Bunnysattva Sutra, was discovered two years ago in Tibet. So far, over three hundred pages have been translated into English. Oscar will talk about the background of this rare teaching, and tell a little about his own meetings with the Bunnysattva.

Saturday, September 5th
Emma Sirani, who has been preparing the English version of the Sutra for publication, will read from this sacred scripture and answer any questions you may have. If you'd like a computer copy, bring a floppy disk.

Saturday, September 12th
Oscar will continue his discussion of the consciousness and work of the Realised Masters, and in particular their infinite knowledge, which allows them to help all beings advance toward Truth.

Saturday, September 17th
In this last of the summer talks, Oscar will tell a little about the spiritual plan for the next century, and how we can help the Hierarchy bring about universal brotherhood and encourage spiritual aspiration.

Home of the Adi-Buddha


led by Oscar Luft-hansa take place at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at the Center -- except Saturday evenings, when Oscar speaks at 8 p.m.


'All sentient beings are bound together, in suffering as well as in blood, and compassion it is that links all in one. How can a man know compassion if he knowingly slays beast or bird for food?

He is no disciple of mine who follows the trade of butcher or hunter, and he who knowingly takes from the butcher or hunter that which he has slain, is even as he who slays.

Not for the sake of maintainance of life may one intentionally deprive any other being of life, and it were mere verbal quibbling to eat meat and say that it was slain before the invitation to partake of it was given.'

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha
'Footprints of Gautama the Buddha'
by Marie Beuzeville Byles, p. 114

Guru Rinpoche, the Savior of Tibet
portrayed as a dispeller of demons

Q. We have heard that Padmasambhava was a great Indian Master who was called to Tibet in the eighth century by the King to help establish Buddhism. There seem to be many legends concerning his stay in Tibet. How long was Padmasambhava in Tibet?

Kenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche: In the histories there are many stories, but the most popular say that he stayed one hundred and eleven years -- but this counts the waxing and waning of the Moon as two months -- so this is really only fifty-five years and six months. About eighty to ninety percent of the histories written by the great masters agree with this figure.

Q. I have heard that he only stayed eighteen months.

Kenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche: Yes, that is true. Some say that he only stayed six months, or eighteen months, or only for a few years. It could appear that way because the activities of Guru Rinpoche do not necessarily conform to our mundane conceptions. His activities are not always compatible with conceptions which are based on duality. Some people say he only spent a period of a few months in the capitol, and the rest of the time he spent in the mountains and caves. Then he would occasionally visit the capitol, or the king would go to the mountains to see him. These events took place over a thousand years ago. Even in modern times, if we take something that happened to a renowned person and write a history about it, the different people who write about it will not necessarily agree about what they write. We want to believe that these accounts are realistic and accurate and are based on direct perception. However, even books about Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan will contain different accounts.

Q. There are several biographies of Padmasambhava that are now available, and they all tell about his birth, and the stories of his youth, and his education in India, and his travels in Tibet. Do you know any accounts about what happened after he left Tibet?

Kenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche: There is a reason that Guru Rinpoche stayed fifty-five years and six months. After finishing Samye Monastery, both Padmasambhava and Santarakshita said they were going back to India. King Trisong Detsen told them that he and the Tibetan people really needed them to stay. He made offerings, and did many prostrations, and asked them both to stay until his death, and they both agreed. The king's sons were also working for the Dharma, and Padmasambhava stayed for another five years after the death of the king to help them. Just before he left he told the ministers, the court and his students that he was going to a country to the west. When he made this announcement, he gave final instructions about maintaining the dharma and the practices. Then he told them that on a certain day he would leave. On that day the king and the court and many students went with him to a mountain named Gungthang Lathog, on the border of Tibet and Nepal. At this mountain pass he stopped, and told everyone that he would leave from this spot, and no one should follow him any further. All the people were very emotional. He began giving his final teaching, and then began levitating up into the sky. He continued teaching as he went up, and as he was rising into the air, a horse appeared, and he rode the horse off into the western direction. He said that to the west was a country filled with cannibals, and that he was going to teach them to be Bodhisattvas. All the histories agree that this is how he left, and where he went. Yeshe Tsogyal reported that he reached his destination safely. Other students who had developed great powers of meditation also reported that he had arrived safely. He went to a country named Copper Glory Mountain.

Q. Is this a legendary country or a geographic location?

Kenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche: We can't tell exactly. It is similar to Shambhala. According to Buddhist geography, there are four major continents, and eight sub-continents. After he left, he returned many times. He came back to see Yeshe Tsogyal, and in later times returned to give teachings to many of the great masters.

Q. Was this in the visionary state, or in person?

Kenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche: He came in visions, in dreams, and in person. All the great Tertons have had this experience. The Tertons all go to Copper Glory Mountain, either in visions, or in dreams, or in the direct perception state. All the great masters report this in their biographies. They go at least one time, and some go many times. They get instructions and teaching, and then come back and reveal the teachings they have received. Just like United States Senators go to Washington, D.C., the Tertons go to Copper Glory Mountain.

From an interview with Kenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche by Michael White at Padmasambhava Buddhist Center in Tennessee in September 1992. Reprinted from 'Pema Mandala,' the Newsletter of Padmasambhava Buddhist Centers, Winter 1997. Their address is


As Jesus was on his way to Jericho, he met a man carrying a cage full of birds. Among them were some young doves. Jesus saw how the birds were miserable from having been taken captive, and tormented by hunger and thirst.

Jesus asked the man, 'What are you doing with them?' The man replied, 'I make my living by catching birds and selling them.'

Jesus asked him, 'How would you like it if someone stronger and craftier than you were to catch you and tie you up -- or capture your wife, or your children -- and put you in prison, to sell you into captivity, for his profit -- so he could make a living?

Are these birds not your fellow creatures, only weaker than you are? And doesn't the same God, our Father and Mother, care for them as for you? Free these little brothers and sisters, and don't do this ever again -- earn your living honestly.

The man marveled at Jesus's words, and at his authority, and let the birds go free. They flew to Jesus and landed on his shoulder and sang to him.

The man asked more about Jesus' teachings. When he left, he learned how to make baskets, and in that way he made his living. He broke his cages and traps, and became a disciple of Jesus.

'The Gospel of the Holy Twelve'
Chapter 41, verses 1-6

This text is available online at


Question. Fera-t-il des miracles lorsqu'il?

Response. Le miracle d'une guerison a toujours une grande importance pour celui qui ignore le point de vue spirituel. Telle est la pensee de la Bunnysattva, mais il ne fera pas de miracles pour satisfaire la simple curiosite.

Question. A quelle religion croite-il?

Response. La Bunnysattva n'appartient a aucune religion proprement dite, mais il les venere toutes. Les dogmes, les doctrines, les rites, les ceremonies, tout cela ne constitue pas la Vraie Religion.

Question. Comment se fait-il que la Bunnysattva ait la meme Conscience que le Bouddha et le Christ?

Response. Il n'existe qu'une seule Conscience Infinie, qu'il s'agisse de la Conscience du Bouddha ou do Christ. Une fois atteint le point maximum, la Conscience Cosmique reste a l'etat invariable pour l'eternite et demeure continuellement presente, aussi bien sur le Plan Spirituel que dans la Bunnysattva qui s'incarne dans le but d'elever l'Humanite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will she perform miracles?

A. Those who understand have no need for miracles, because spiritual healing is by far the greatest healing -- and this is the Bunnysattva's real work. She will not perform miracles to satisfy mere idle curiousity.

Q. In what religion does she believe?

A. She belongs to no religion in particular, and yet to every religion. Dogmas and doctrines, rites and ceremonies, do not constitute true religion.

Q. How can the Bunnysattva have both the Buddha and Christ consciousness?

A. There is but one divine infinite consciousness, whether realised by Christ or experienced by Buddha. Once gained, the cosmic consciousness is gained for eternity, and is continually present either on the spiritual plane, or incarnate in the form of Realised Masters, such as the Bunnysattva, for the upliftment of humanity.


The Bunnysattva Sangha of Paris distributes stuffed animals to children on the streets, free of charge, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m. If you would like to help, see Nastassja Meticular or Marie Auclaire at the Center.

The Sixteenth Gyalwa Karmapa

RANGJUNG RIGPE DORJE was a well known and much beloved Tibetan spiritual teacher. Anyone interested in joining a study group about his life and teachings, see Francoise Tardiff after Oscar's Saturday night talk.

THE PEYM LIBRARY of the Bunnysattva Sangha is open daily from 10 to 7 p.m. We have a fair collection of Buddhist books, as well as a number of texts from other traditions. You can read books in the library or take them home with you. If you have books you would like to give to the library, see the librarian, Pierre Mouly. We are specially in need of books by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Manly Palmer Hall, Helena Blavatsky, Inayat Khan, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, Kalu Rinpoche, Dhuniwala Dada and J.R.R. Tolkien.

The COPPER PALACE MEDITATION HALL is open 24 hours a day. Please enter quietly, so as not to disturb anyone already meditating. Oscar has asked that anyone in the hall "Try, try, try" to stay awake. It's alright to read scriptures there silently, but please don't bring murder mysteries or sandwiches there. If you want to use the meditation hall after midnight, get a key from Francoise or the night watchperson.

NEWS FROM TRIBECA (The Bunnysattva Sangha in New York):
PATSY SPEEFER received her Private Pilot Single Engine Certification, which means she can now fly small prop planes by herself. AERNA OTATOP and her brother TOOF are working at Gran Cafe degli Artisti on Greenwich Avenue, a block or two west of Sixth Avenue. Toof makes sandwiches and lattes; Aerna waits tables and preaches to customers about Jesus and the Bunnysattva when the manager is not looking. PATRA CHOSNYID SKYBAMEDPA will be on solitary retreat until August 12th -- stepping out only for his weekly talks. He has recovered almost completely from his near-death experience. ANANDA is studying herbal medicine at the Edward Bach Healing Center, working part time at Samuel Weiser Books, and giving talks about his Master, Siddhartha Gautama, at zendos, temples and new-age centers in Manhattan. SHURA BEELZE has a small role in the Off-Broadway play 'Tibet of the Heart.' WILLARD MIGHTY wrote the music for the production, and PARKAR designed some of the stranger costumes. MAX DOORMAN is writing poetry, listening to tapes, and working as a driver/deliveryman in St. Louis, Missouri. FIVER is taking classes in Mystical Christianity and comparative religion at Columbia University School of Continuing Education. She and KEIGHT just finished painting the interior of their house beige with the assistence of their dog Merlin. MANDY BUICK just turned thirty, and is so exhausted from working on these web-pages that she is considering a vacation in Baghdad or Berkeley.

THE BUNNYSATTVA SANGHA OF PARIS is a section of THE EASTERN SCHOOL OF BROAD BUDDHISM. It is one of three Sanghas under the spiritual direction of the Bunnysattva.

The CENTRE POUR BROAD BUDDHISM is located at 16, Rue Georges Gurdjieff, three blocks southeast of the Gare d'Austerlitz.

Everyone is welcome to our public meetings, regardless of race, religion, nationality, beliefs, social class or sexual orientation. Children above the age of twelve may attend, if they themselves are interested, have the written permission of a parent, and safe transportation has been arranged. Children under twelve must have individual permission from Oscar Luft-hansa and be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Pets of all kinds are welcome at all our meetings, and in the meditation hall, as long as they are completely tame and don't cause any disturbance.

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It is only divine love that ever matters
and nothing more, ever.

Meher Baba